Why take up running…

Before January, neither Gideon nor myself ran very much. For me, someone making me go out for a run would be equivalent to some horrible punishment. Why would I want to make my legs ache, why would I want to make it hard for myself to breathe, surely there are easier ways to exercise? Ways that burn more calories and don’t make me walk like an under-oiled robot for days afterwards!! 

So I surprised even myself when I decided at the start of the year that this year would be the year of running. What caused this crazy change in opinion might you ask? Well that would be…


Anyone who knows us knows that we are ALL ABOUT DISNEYWORLD! Gideon has been there dozens of times in his 28 years, and though i’ve been slightly less, this year will be my 5th trip! For us, Disneyworld is the MOST fun place on the planet, and so, if anything was going to convince me to take up running, it was going to have to be something that makes running seem SUPER FUN. 

Disney run’s are full of that special pixie dust that disney are so good at creating (or so I am told – though I will have to wait till November to judge it for myself), they have run’s in Disneyworld, FL and Disneyland, CA throughout the year, and one of their latest announcements was that they will be holding their first half marathon in Disneyland Paris in September 2016! 

There are 5ks, 10ks, 10 milers, half marathons and marathons, so their really does seem to be a race for every ability. You get to run through the parks, and the courses are packed full of entertainment from DJ’s to character meet and greets! I am hoping that all these amazing distractions along the 13.1 mile course will be enough to take my mind off the distance, and provide us with a really positive first half marathon experience, and even if it doesn’t…. at least we’ll be back in Disneyworld! 

If you want to learn about any of the rundisney races that are held at disneyworld each year, you can visit http://www.rundisney.com – or you can wait for our next few blog entries, where i’ll give a run down of the rundisney race we will be participating in – the Wine and Dine Half Marathon. 


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