The Wine and Dine Half Marathon

For our very first RunDisney race, Gideon and I have chosen to run the Wine and Dine Half Marathon! We chose this specific event for several reasons:

1) Time of year.

This years wine and dine half marathon takes place on November 7th 2015, and is the last race weekend held at the Disney World, FL resort in RunDisney’s calendar year. As we only took up running on a regular basis at the start of this year, choosing a race later in the year will give us plenty of time to train to run the half marathon distance. Without having to increase the distance we run too far each week, we can hopefully stay injury free and give ourselves the best chance of having a strong race.

Going in November will also give us a chance to experience ‘Christmas’ at Walt Disney World, as christmas celebrations tend to begin at this time.

2) Food and Wine festival

The wine and dine half marathon takes place during the annual food and wine festival at EPCOT, which is a specific event at Disney World that we are keen to experience together. The festival sees multiple booths placed around world showcase that serve food and drinks from specific countries. Portions are the perfect size for snacking on, meaning you can munch your way around world showcase experiencing a range of different foods and drinks.

Entry into the wine and dine half marathon also includes special entry to a race after party at EPCOT and a $15 gift card which can be spent at the food and wine festival stands, so this seemed like a great race for us that would enable us to tick two things off our disney lists – running a half marathon through the parks and experiencing the food and wine festival together.

3) The course

The wine and dine half marathon is currently the only half marathon at Disney World which goes through three of the theme parks (it only excludes Magic Kingdom). We really like the idea of going through three parks, as it will mean there’s plenty to keep us entertained – not that disney doesn’t provide entertainment on the rest of the course as well, because they do!

4) The Osbourne Spectacle of Dancing Lights

The latter half of the course goes through Hollywood Studios, and as because of the time of year, entrants get to experience running through one of the most spectacular christmas decorations at any of the disney parks – the Osbourne Spectacle of Dancing Lights!! At Christmas, the streets of America section of Hollywood Studios is covered in thousands of beautiful christmas lights! I cannot wait to experience them for myself, for the very first time, whilst running through the parks after closing… I truly think it will be spectacular!!

5) Its a night race

Most RunDisney races start VERY EARLY in the morning, and whilst Gideon can happily get up at 5am, I like my sleep! The wine and dine half marathon is a night race which starts at 10pm, so no getting up early! We are also hoping that it will be a bit cooler in temperature being at night (though this may be wishful thinking), and will be slightly more like the temperatures we are used to in the UK, rather than having the crazy Florida sun beating down on us.

So those are just some of the reasons the wine and dine half marathon is the disney race for us, and why we are super excited to run!

Have any of you ever participated in the wine and dine half marathon? Or any other disney race? We would love to hear your thoughts and tips in the comments!


4 thoughts on “The Wine and Dine Half Marathon

  1. I ran this last year and it was such a nice race! It was pouring rain so it wasn’t my best time, but it was still so much fun! It was so pretty running and seeing the Osborne Lights in MGM– but be careful it is overwhelming (and I’m not sure if this is common) but some runners just stopped short to take a picture and stare because it was so pretty so it was kind of congested in that part. I highly suggest staying for the part after though because it was AMAZING 🙂


    1. Awesome! I’ve read lots of race recaps about the rain from last year, and whilst I hope it doesn’t do that again (because I don’t like running in the rain) we’ll be well prepared for it coming from one of the most rainy places in the UK – we will actually probably be better prepared for rain than for heat and humidity which is the one thing that slightly worries me, hopefully we’ll get a warm summer this year so we can at least get some idea of what it will be like! I’m SO excited about the afterparty (any excuse for food!!) I just hope I have enough energy left to enjoy it! 🙂


  2. Hi There. I’m working out plans to run the race as well. Hoping it works out. I already have reservations with my sister for Nov 8-14, so trying to get a race package added on and come in on the 6th. I have not really been a runner, but hoping that even thou I’m a beginner I’ll be able to enjoy the race. Many of my reasons for going were the same as yours (food and wine festival, time of race, etc). Going to start my training and kicking it into high gear. Hope to see you there! Good luck!


    1. Fingers crossed for you that you manage to get the race package, and good luck with the training 🙂 hopefully see you there!


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