Nike + App Community.

As someone who had never ran prior to 2015, I really had no idea what kind of mobile phone apps were out there to aid runners in their training. A friend recommended we try out the nike+ app, and we haven’t been disappointed with it.

The app is great for beginners like me, who really just want to measure their distance and work out their pace. When you begin your workout, the GPS will track how far you are running, and calculate your average pace per mile, so you can keep track of whether you are improving after each workout.

Nike + screen shot

The app will also tell you approximately how many calories you should have burned and it also gives you the option to share your progress via social media sites like twitter, instragram and facebook.

The sharing function is my favourite function, when you share your workout on instagram with the hashtag #nikeplus you suddenly become part of a worldwide running community, who all offer encouragement to one another by liking and commenting on everyones photos.

For me, I really appreciate the virtual support from other runners, as it motivates me to continue training. Its so nice to know that you are not alone in training for your goals, and that their are hundreds of thousands of other runners – whether beginner, intermediate or experienced – who are training for things just like you are!

Maybe I just like the attention, but when people ‘like’ my running activity, I feel enormously encouraged, no matter what the distance is that i’ve covered, or whether I found it easy or difficult. Through the nike+ running community (and the running community as a whole) I know that there are people cheering me on, and willing me to succeed in whatever goal I have chosen to set myself! I feel as if this type of thing is social media as its best!

My very first run with nike+ and my very first share! It felt incredibly encouraging to see all the likes from people in the running community, even though I hadn’t gone that far or that fast! Thanks Running community!!

Do you use social media to motivate you and encourage you in your training, and are there any running apps you would recommend?? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 


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