We’ve been shopping!

This week Gideon and I decided to invest in some new running gear! Not one to pass up some retail therapy and finding that my current jogging bottoms were getting a little big for me (yay for getting in shape), I decided to invest in a pair of capri’s for running and found a fab pair of new balance capris for a very reasonable £12 on MandMdirect.com

I ordered a size 10, and they are a pretty good fit, being a bit tight if anything. They have reflective strips on the side for running at night, and a useful little pocket tucked in the seam where you could potentially stash your house keys whilst your out running (I didn’t test this, as I have an armband that holds my keys, phone and inhaler quite comfortably).

They held up well during my run, my only complaint being that they have a seam that run’s along the back of the knee which did rub slightly at times, but overall I was pretty pleased with them for the price I paid.

Me in my new running Capri's!
Me in my new running Capri’s!

Gideon purchased numerous items of clothing from sportsdirect.com to bulk out his running wardrobe. His favourite being his BRIGHT YELLOW JACKET. Perfect for the rainy and windy conditions we so often have in Wales, and highly reflective for early mornings or dark evenings, it’s just the thing for our training, especially for running round our neighbourhood, where its good to stand out in colour as there’s always traffic about.

Gideon in his new Karrimor fluorescent jacket (and matching socks!)

You certainly couldn’t miss us running around the lake today in all our fluorescent glory!!!

Next on the running related purchases agenda are new running shoes. It feels pretty good to finally have a legitimate reason to purchase new shoes, but I think they’ll have to wait till next payday!

Do you have any recommendations of shoes/ running gear that you use in training? We are novices at all things running so please let us know in the comments if there’s anything you think is a must have!


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