Don’t forget: Avengers half marathon registration opens tomorrow!

If your a RunDisney fan, don’t forget that the Disneyland Avengers half marathon registration opens tomorrow at 12noon EST.

Speaking from experience, if you wan’t to register successfully for a RunDisney event, i’d make sure you get online as registration opens as they sell out extremely quickly, and with the introduction of a 10k and the infinity gauntlet challenge this year, this particular race weekend is bound to be popular!

The Wine and Dine half marathon that we managed to register for sold out in 37 minutes according to RunDisney’s twitter feed, and I would expect this race to be equally as popular, so make sure you are at your computer, ready to refresh that page at 12noon, and if you are planning on running with other people, we would seriously advise you to ALL log on and register using separate computers as registration opens, rather than trying to register one person and then log back on and register another, as the race may well be sold out by the time you get back onto the site.

Good luck to all those hoping to participate, we hope you all manage to get the spot you wish 🙂


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