New shoes…

This week started out quite tough, Gideon and I ran on both Monday and Wednesday after work, but both times our legs were wrecked by the time we had even made it a mile. For me, it was shin splints and then seized up calf muscles. For Gid, it was also pain in the calf muscles.

On Monday we put it down to just a bad day, we probably hadn’t eaten right, or were dehydrated, or still tired from last week, we figured a rest on Tuesday would be enough to get us back on track on Wednesday.

Wednesday came and we were ready for a run – excited even (if you can  believe that) – but straight away I knew that the rest on Tuesday hadn’t been enough. I managed a mile with the shin splints, but as soon as the cramping in my calf hit as well that was it for me. Gideon was also experiencing the same calf pain as Monday, so we called it quits again and went home wondering what – if anything – we could do. After talking, and researching, we decided to bite the bullet and buy some proper running shoes, in the hope that these would help ease the pressure we have been subjecting our poor leg muscles too lately. We both run in trainers currently, not specialised running shoes, and to begin with this was fine, but as we up the mileage and distances each week we have definitely noticed the strain on our legs.

New Asics Gel Essential neutral running shoes for Gideon!
New Asics Gel Essential neutral running shoes for Gideon!

Hopefully the new running shoes will help keep our legs happy as we put them through their paces. This evening we are planning a nice flat 5k along the bay to test out the new shoes, and i’ll report back soon with a full review and  to let you know how we got on. I really hope that the new shoes help, because we have our very first 5k race coming up one month from today, and we would really like to improve on our current time and not have any injuries in the run up to this!

Karrimor D30 women's running shoes for me!
Karrimor D30 women’s running shoes for me!

One thought on “New shoes…

  1. Great shoes. Finding a comfortable pair of shoes can be very difficult! Thank you for your post


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