Weekly training recap: Mon 6th April – Sun 12th April

This week has been difficult training wise on a number of levels. We struggled with leg pain earlier in the week, and I struggled with breathing in the headwind on Saturday. Despite this, we persevered and managed to cover approximately 8.5 miles! 

Mentally this week has also been a challenging one and for the first time yet I felt like running a half marathon was something I couldn’t do. This is despite the fact that there have been some real milestones this week, such as our fastest ever mile and a fast four mile run today which is the joint-longest distance we have run so far. 

Whilst feeling mentally drained and wondering if I should give up, i’ve had to remind myself that this isn’t just a personal goal for me, i’m doing it to raise some funds for children who experience much more pain – physically and mentally – than I will ever feel whilst doing a 4 mile run. We are running to raise funds so that children & their families can have a break from their own physical and emotional pain and experience something that will bring them true joy, and as I slog on over the next 6 months before the big race, I hope I can remember the bigger picture in all of this, and use it to spur myself on to that finish line!

Here’s hoping for a more positive week next week 🙂


Rest day


1.00 mile using run/walk intervals of 1 minute running and 45 seconds walking. Average pace 12’00” per mile.


1.45 miles using run/walk intervals of 1 minute running and 45 seconds walking. Average pace 12’50” per mile.


Rest day


We postponed todays run until Saturday as we had experienced significant leg pain earlier in the week and wanted to give our legs an extra day to recover.


2.00 miles – (whilst breaking in the awesome new shoes!) we did not interval train during this run, we just ran and walked when we felt we needed too. Average pace: 12’00” per mile.

We also clocked our fastest ever mile (Gideon logged a 9′”08′ paced mile and I logged an 11’08” paced mile) Gideon’s overall pace was definitely faster than mine during this run as I had significant problems with my breathing whilst running into the headwind which slowed me right down, once we turned around, things got a lot better and I was able to run that final mile in record time!

Fastest mile yet! woohoo!
Fastest mile yet! woohoo!


4.00 miles – again we did not interval train during this run, we just ran and walked when we felt we needed too. Both our gps apps failed during the run because of where we were, but it took Gideon approximately 40 mins to cover the 4 miles route today, and it took me slightly longer – around 45 minutes.

Gideon hardly stopped to walk at all during this run – he deserves a massive high five for his efforts!

He’s getting away!!!

Goal for next week:

Next week is going to be busy for both of us, which will probably impact our training, so we are aiming to cover 6-8 miles, with one run of at least 5k.

If you would like more information on why we are doing this, or would like to donate to the Make-A-Wish foundation, please visit our just giving page at www.justgiving.com/hookwaysrundisney/


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