Not the dreaded lurgy….

Since returning from our holiday to cold and wet Wales, Gideon and I have been feeling somewhat under the weather. Sore throat, headache, sniffles, that sort of thing. Nothing major, but also slightly unsettling with only a few days until our very first race.

Cold wet Wales... still beautiful, but not great when you have a cold!
Cold wet Wales… still beautiful, but not great when you have a cold!

In an attempt to fend off the dreaded lurgy we have been trying to take it easy this week and have eased off the training somewhat, partly because we don’t want our little lurgy to turn into a full blown cold and stop us doing the race, but also to save our our legs a bit so that they are fully rested for race day. From reading blogs about running, I read a lot about people ‘tapering’ their training in the last few weeks before the race in an effort to preserve there energy for the main event. Whilst I don’t think tapering is really necessary for a distance like the 5k (or even the 10k) I do want to be at my best for race day, and the little lurgy we are experiencing is perhaps making me overly cautious.

My question readers, is what do you do when you are feeling under the weather but training for a race? Do you rest up and take it easy, or do you try to run through it? As newbies, we are not really sure what the best way to go is in this situation, and are therefore leaning towards the cautious side….

What do you do when illness threatens to get in the way of your training/race?? We’d love to know in the comments section!


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