2 more sleeps…

Only two more sleeps now until our very first race; the Bath Two Tunnels 5k! Nerves and excitement are beginning to show themselves! I keep frantically checking and re-checking the weather forecast for Sunday. It’s currently showing 16 degrees with a chance of rain. I’d obviously prefer for it NOT to rain – given that my glasses like to steam up with even the slightest touch of moisture, but I do have a backup plan in the form of a super nerdy baseball cap!

The Bath Two Tunnels 5k is organised by Relish Running Races. They organise several running series’ across the South West, and this particular series looks like one of the most tame, with the course being described as a fast and flat route, unlike some of the other challenges run by Relish which are extremely hilly!

The course traverses part of the old Somerset and Dorset Railway which closed in 1966 but was subsequently reopened as a footpath with the previous sections of tunnel that were blocked off opening up again in 2013.

Part of the 5k course goes through the Devonshire Tunnel which is 408m long. The 10k and Half Marathon which are also being ran this weekend go through the Coombe Down Tunnel as well which is 1672m long – and which explains why the race series is called the Bath Two Tunnels.

Route map for the two tunnels series from Relish Running races
Route map for the two tunnels series from http://www.relishrunningraces.com/bath-two-tunnels-trail-running-races-routes.php

Why did we choose this particular race?

Living in Wales, you may be wondering why we didn’t choose a race that’s slightly closer to home for our very first. In all honesty we did look for 5k’s in South Wales, but all the races that caught our eye seemed to fall on days when we already had plans. May is an extremely busy month for us, and this race seemed to be the closest to us on a day where we weren’t already busy.

Also, ITS FLAT! That in itself is slightly strange for Bath, which is a rather hilly city, but to try and make it a little easier on ourselves, a flat 5k felt like the way to go.

Our race kicks off at 11am on Sunday 10th May. I’ll be sure to let you all know how we got on in our weekly training recap on Sunday evening before writing a full race report sometime next week.

In the meantime, wish us luck (and if you are of the praying persuasion – a little prayer for favourable weather couldn’t hurt!)


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