Mind over matter….

I feel like a lot of the time running is a case of mind over matter… well today  mind definitely won! I spent most of my day at a local coffee shop doing university work. When I got home I decided to try on some new running gear that i’d purchased to make sure it fitted ok. Once I had it on I sort of thought to myself ‘well i’m in it now… might as well go for a run’. That attitude should have been my first clue that my mindset was not in a good place for a run today!!

I wore my headphones and headed out to do a loop down to the local park and then back to the house. I probably went off a bit too fast to begin with because of the music… i’ve got used to running without music now as Gideon and I do most of our training together, but I wanted to drown out the noise of heavy traffic from the road.

From the get-go this run felt horrible. It shouldn’t have felt horrible, it was downhill to begin with, it should have felt great, I LOVE DOWNHILL, I could go downhill all day, its uphill I hate! But not today! Today my mind was all ‘really??!?? a run??? now??? why are you doing this to me again’ a stitch came almost immediately and I had to walk. I got to the park and thought sod it i’m going to sit down and chill for a bit. I started running back up the hill but felt so fed up that as soon as my nike+ app told me i’d done a mile I turned it off and continued to walk back to the house.

And then I noticed the car’s passing me…. with the drivers looking at me through their windscreens (anyone else noticed that when you are out running everyone who passes you in a car seems to stare at you, or is that just me??!?!) and I started to feel a little ashamed. My mind was thinking ‘there all judging you for not running’. Shut up mind!

I got back to the house feeling all sorry for myself and wondering why my legs ached this much when I’d barely even ran anywhere!!

Running can sometimes feel like a lot of up’s and downs. When it’s good, it’s really good (like the quote I shared on this blog earlier today before this afternoons hideous run!), but like everything there will be time’s when its tough. I guess the key is just to remember that it does get better, that bad days aren’t the norm, and to keep in mind that even one mile is better than no miles!

This experience hasn’t put me off running, but perhaps i’ll think more carefully next time about my mindset before I head off out the door.

Pic from http://www.printedclothing.com/shack/contents/en-uk/p602.html
Pic from http://www.printedclothing.com/shack/contents/en-uk/p602.html

2 thoughts on “Mind over matter….

  1. OOO I have those days – my Sunday was very similar – it was an easy run but yet everything hurt. I notice that these are the ‘i probably should go out for a run day’ rather than the ‘i am looking forward to going out for a run’. Best wishes for the next run

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