Weekly training recap Mon 11th May – Sun 17th May

We started this week feeling elated from finishing our 5k race and have ended it feeling rather deflated because training has just not gone to plan this week. Now that the 5k is over, we have started working on training for our next goal – the Caerphilly 10k on the 21st June (which is now only 5 weeks away) and have a new training plan. This week has been week 1… and has not gone to plan!

Our Caerphilly 10k training plan:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
Tuesday 2 Miles 2.5 Miles 3 Miles 3 Miles 3 Miles 3 Miles
Thursday 3 Miles 3 Miles 4 Miles 3 Miles 4 Miles 2 Miles
Saturday or Sunday 4 Miles 4 Miles 5 Miles 10k 5 Miles RACE DAY


Rest day (legs ached A LOT after the 5k!)


We ran the two miles from week 1 of our training plan using run/walk intervals of 1 minute running and 45 seconds walking to ease those achy legs back in. Average pace 11’31” per mile.


Rest day


Supposed to be 3 miles today but only managed 1. I’ve already documented the horror that was this training run in my previous blog post so I shan’t go into it again. Average pace 12’41” per mile.

Stopped for a little rest (bad Amy!)
Stopped for a little rest (bad Amy!)


Rest day


Rest day (and a sort-of work out from cleaning the car and house :P)


Supposed to be 4 miles today but only managed 2. Tried to run the whole distance but had to stop a lot to walk (and ultimately stop early) due to stitches/shin pain. Average pace: 12’23” per mile.

I think a lot of where we have gone wrong this week has been to do with nutrition. We have eaten too many fatty foods and then ran too soon after eating them. I have felt bloated and horrible all week which hasn’t helped with the desire to run or the experience of it. It is back to healthy eating choices and smart fuelling from now on and hopefully that will lead to a noticeable improvement in the coming week.


2 thoughts on “Weekly training recap Mon 11th May – Sun 17th May

  1. Don’t get disheartened, your training plan looks great. Try putting in some cross training like spinning or swimming. That stuff helps – running can be boring – so other forms of excercise can help. Strength sessions are also good. I am not an expert runner but I know loads of runners who keep telling me stuff.

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