Shoe love!! My Karrimor D30 Excels!


Oh shoe of wonder!
Oh shoe of wonder!

I love most of my shoes to be honest…. but thats mainly because I think they look pretty and therefore I look pretty with them on my feet! Not my Karrimor’s… don’t get me wrong its not like they are particularly ugly running shoes… I think they are quite cool, but I love them for a different reason. I love them because they don’t hurt!

Pretty much every shoe I have ever owned has given me a blister at some point. Whether they are my high heels, my trainers, my boots, my dolly shoes or even my flip flops! They all rub! Sometimes unbearably! NOT MY WONDERFUL KARRIMORS! They have yet to give me any trace of a blister and I have been running good miles in them for a good couple of months now!

I haven’t been able to find very many Karrimor D30 Excel reviews online. Probably because they are not a particularly popular make of running shoe, but I can honestly say that for my feet, these shoes are perfect. They feel light, but they don’t slip, they have plenty of cushioning both for the soles of my feet as they hit the pavement and for the sides and top of my feet that are cooped up in the shoe. As mentioned, they have yet to rub, which is unusual for me, and I put this down to the lovely gel cushioning they have around the heel.

Karrimor’s I love you! And I shall continue to wear you happily until my feet tell me otherwise!

Shoe love! Me in my Karrimor's and Gid in his Asics!
Shoe love! Me in my Karrimor’s and Gid in his Asics!

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