Cross Training!

Earlier in the week I (Amy) did some cross training! I know a lot of you are thinking the sensible ‘thats great… thats really useful well done’ answer, and the other half who know me more are thinking ‘whaaaaaattt you did MORE exercise besides running…. how did that happen?!?!)

Well first off it was free… I didn’t go to the gym or pay money for a class. One of the girls I know from church decided to start a work out group for ladies in the church hall each week where we project a workout DVD onto the big screen and follow it. And secondly…. all those sensible people out there keep mentioning that cross training in some form will benefit your running and overall fitness so when the opportunity arose I figured why not!

Well this week was the first week, and let me tell you, it was hard! There was punching and squatting and lunging and press ups and sit ups and stretching and i’d forgotten how many muscles I don’t exercise when running! My body ached in very strange ways the next day. My stomach muscles felt tight…. I’d forgotten I even had stomach muscles!

But it was really fun, and i’ll definitely do it again, and hopefully the shock of some ‘new’ type of exercise to my system might help it shed a couple more pounds, whilst also improving my overall fitness and helping strengthen my muscles as I attempt to go even further distances when running!


2 thoughts on “Cross Training!

  1. Great stuff – sounds like a fun way to do an exercise class. I have 0 motivation for that sort of thing. I do quite like Zumba though but chances of me regularly attending a class are slim to none. We’re trying yoga using a yoga app… I’ll post about that at some point


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