Weekly training recap: Monday 25th May – Sunday 31st May

I almost don’t want to post this training recap as we really haven’t been very good this week! It has been a very busy week for us and we haven’t managed to do 2 out of our 3 training runs which is pretty poor, but we’ll keep going and try to add an extra run in during the coming week to make up for it a little.


Did a hilly 5k to help build the strength in our legs ready for the Caerphilly 10k which is a rather hilly course! Average pace: 12’56” per mile.



Amy did 1 hour of cross training (in the form of a workout dvd). Gideon had a rest day.


Rest day


Should have done 4 miles today, no excuse for skipping it really other than we just weren’t feeling it.


Rest day


We should have done 5 miles today, but after attending a wedding the night before and then having to drive 200 miles to London we decided to stay in bed instead of get up for our run. We did do a lot of walking when we got to London though, so at least we weren’t sitting on our bums all day!


Rest day

As I said at the beginning, I almost don’t want to post it, because we probably could have tried harder and trained more over the last week, but sometimes life gets in the way (which as we are not hardcore athletes is probably fairly acceptable as far as I’m concerned!)

Our training plan has us down for a 10k next weekend. I am determined that we get this done, as I think we will feel better going into the race knowing we have run the distance before. We will be sure to update you all on how things go 🙂


One thought on “Weekly training recap: Monday 25th May – Sunday 31st May

  1. Sometimes you just have weeks like that! I am the queen of excuses so often need to give myself a kick up the butt but also remember that there is no point in going if you’re really not feeling it – it’ll just make you miserable and apparently increases your risk of injury. I can’t remember who told me that and I have no idea if it is actually true but it’s one of my favourite excuses!

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