WDW Top Tip Tuesday: Pack a Poncho!

Welcome to another addition of Walt Disney World Top Tip Tuesday. Florida is known for its sunny hot climate, but what some people fail to realise is that with all that heat and humidity comes some pretty terrific afternoon thunderstorms!! If you are travelling to Florida over the summer months, you will most likely encounter a rain storm of some sort (possibly several – sometimes every day), which is why today’s top tip is to Pack a Poncho!

"Tut tut, it looks like rain"
“Tut tut, it looks like rain”

Don’t get caught out – buy your poncho’s before you leave to save yourself a fortune (the disney poncho’s may look nice, but they aint cheap!) For our last trip, we purchased a pack of several multi-coloured ponchos from amazon before we left for a fraction of the price of what you would pay in the parks. They were perfect for wearing a few times and then throwing away. They also come in very handy in the sunshine when you don’t want to get soaked on Kali River Rapids!

If bin bag style fashion isn’t your thing, a light weight rain coat that you can fold up small and pop into your bag would work just as well, but we would definitely recommend taking something so that your disney fun isn’t ruined when the afternoon thunderstorms come rolling in!

Tigger and Pooh are prepared for the rain, and you will be too if you pack your poncho!
Tigger and Pooh are prepared for the rain, and you will be too if you pack your poncho!

3 thoughts on “WDW Top Tip Tuesday: Pack a Poncho!

  1. ahaha yup. It was raining when I arrived. Bought the poncho, didn’t care though because it Disney, I’d never been and I just wanted all the things anyways. Would be annoyed to have to buy it again though for sure.


    1. Ha yes, that’s the problem with poncho’s, they don’t seem to last long. The disney one’s are slightly more robust though I believe.


      1. Yeah mine from Disney is definitely reusable, feels more like an actual rain jacket. Not the thin plaatic bag feel of the pocket ones. You wouldn’t be able to easily put a whole through the Disney ones. So there’s that at least. Bulky though! Not as convenient to carry around


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