We Are In! #Cardiff2016 #Runtheworlds

Signed up for another half marathon today… The IAAF World Half Marathon 2016. Because who wouldn’t want a medal that says ‘World Half Marathon’ on it!

Mo Farah i’m coming after you…… just rather slowly…….



3 thoughts on “We Are In! #Cardiff2016 #Runtheworlds

  1. Awesome. It’s the most expensive race I’ve ever entered and because I don’t belong to a club, I didn’t receive a discount.

    They just announced the course, which is near identical to the regular half marathon course each October. Really good course, with loads of crowd support along most of the route.


  2. Yeah it is pricy, however I guess they justify it by saying its a ‘one off’ which it probably is fot Cardiff anyway! However, the Disney one we are running is even more expensive (but I expect that with disney b/c everythings more expensive lol)


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