Weekly training recap: Mon 1st June – Sun 7th June

Hello readers!

So last week I said that I wanted us to do a 10k training run in preparation for the Caerphilly 10k in two weeks time, and i’m pleased to let you all know that WE DID IT!!

Our time for our first ever 10k training run (and 2 miles further than we have ever gone before) was 1 hour 15 minutes and 39 seconds according to the nike+ app. This is pretty much what we were expecting so we are not disappointed, although we hope to be slightly faster in the actual race, though realise it will be a much more hilly course. Hopefully the adrenaline will carry us through!

We actually felt surprisingly good during the run itself, and we even managed to speed up our pace somewhat towards the end which was encouraging!

We have also discovered that chicken and rice seems to be a good fuelling meal for us. On both Friday and Saturday we ate chicken, rice and veg for dinner before running in the late evening and we felt good on both occasions! So overall, not a bad week training wise!


We did not run today, as it was my (Amy’s) Birthday! We did eat lots of cake.


2.16 miles with lots of hills! Average pace: 12’57” per mile (and more cake).



Rest day (with yet more cake).



1.25 miles. Average pace: 11’09” per mile. Ran a lot of this mile at a sub 10 minute pace, but the hilly parts ruined it. Finally finished the cake.



Rest day


6.25 miles (10k wooohoo) using run/walk intervals of 3 minutes running and 1 minute walking. Average pace: 12’06” per mile.



Have spent the whole day so far hobbling around and trying not to bend/walk up stairs!

and they will only get longer.... sob!
and they will only get longer…. sob!

So overall, a pretty good week! We won’t be doing another 10k distance until the Caerphilly 10k in two weeks – but its good to know that we can get through it without feeling too exhausted (at least not at the time). Next week will be maintenance and probably a 4 or 5 miler at the weekend.


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