Weekly Training Recap: Mon 8th June – Sun 14th June

I’m writing this post earlier in the day than usual as i’ve already done all the exercise i’m planning on doing today. If you have read any of our other posts this week then you probably already know that this week has not been the best. We have been struck down with a hideous cold/flu virus. Sore throat, chesty cough, runny nose, fever, the works! 2 days off work and a lot of rest later i’m finally feeling myself again, however Gideon is about a day behind me and is still feeling rough.

This has obviously effected our training, and we haven’t done much this week at all – but i’m glad this happened this week and not next week because at least we should be feeling better in time for the Caerphilly 10k. Not being able to run because we are sick would be a real dissapointment – so fingers crossed that we can fully recover and stay healthy till next weekend so we can give the race our very best shot!

Our bibs came in the post yesterday! Eek!
Our bibs came in the post yesterday! Eek!


Rest day


Gideon ran 1.11 miles in 9 minutes and 38 seconds (awesome!). I was feeling ‘under the weather’ so skipped this run – if only I had known!








Amy did 30 minutes of yoga on the wii fit as she was starting to feel slightly more human again and just wanted to do SOMETHING! Gideon still had LURGY!!!


Amy ran 1.11 miles in 10 minutes 58 seconds. Gideon still has lurgy!

Only one week to go till race day eek!


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