One more sleep….


So there is only one more sleep until the our first ever 10k race – Caerphilly 10k! We have been to the shops to stock up on some post race chocolate milk and are looking forward to giving tomorrows 10k a go!

The weather is looking humid, but overcast. Hopefully this will work in our favour as we won’t have the sun beating down on us through the whole run, but you just never know what tomorrow will bring!

We haven’t done much training in the last few weeks due to our horrible cold/flu, instead we’ve been taking it easy to make sure we are in the best shape for tomorrow, but we know that realistically we may be a bit slower than we would have originally liked.


This is the third year of operation of the Caerphilly 10k and we have only heard good things – so we are excited to give it ago! The course is described on the Caerphilly 10k website as “a relatively flat course with some undulating points” – I just hope we can handle those hilly sections!

Tonight will be a dinner of chicken and rice (our perfect fueling food) and then an early night as we have to get up at 7am tomorrow to make our way to Caerphilly (no one wants to get up that early on a Sunday!)

We will be sure to let you all know how we do tomorrow evening, but if you want to find out faster, check out my instragram page where i’ll be sure to post some post-race pics!

Wish us luck!


6 thoughts on “One more sleep….

  1. “A relatively flat course”?? I’d like to know where the flat bits are!! Unless they mean the side street at the very beginning and the tiny bit by the library towards the end?
    Good luck for tomorrow. Enjoy it and don’t worry about your time x

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