How my wii fit has helped me.

I brought a wii fit and balance board many many moons ago when they were a relatively new phenomenon. I didn’t really need to watch my weight back then or do that much exercise as I was much more active so I mainly just used it for a bit of fun until the novelty wore off.

Fast forward a university degree, several jobs, a wedding, house purchase and a few extra stone later and I decided to dust off the old wii fit balance board and see if it actually could help me at all in my new found healthy lifestyle.

First off… when I first logged back in and the little virtual wii balance board welcomed me it told me that my last visit had been well over 1000 days ago. I did tell you this thing was old!!

It then proceeded to ‘measure’ me and told me i’d put on over 2 stone in those 1000 days and that my BMI was right on the borderline between okay and overweight. Now I don’t put much faith in the BMI measurement and I certainly don’t think i’m overweight but that little red line did freak me out a bit. It helped me come to the realisation that eating what I want when I want and not worrying about exercise just wasn’t working for me anymore. It might have been fine when I was a teenager, but in my mid-20’s I actually need to work a little harder to maintain my shape!

After that realisation, I started running and exercising, and now when I hop on my wii fit i’m mostly pleased with the numbers I see and overall that little red line is getting that little bit further away from the ‘danger zone’ (as l like to call it).

More recently, i’ve started using my wii for yoga and muscle strengthening exercises when I don’t feel like going out running. I like that the wii talks me through the exercises and then lets me try them out. I’m sure i’m probably not doing them correctly most of the time but I feel better for trying when i’d otherwise just be sitting on my couch watching friends re-runs on comedy central!

Who’d have thought that after all this time my humble little wii balance board would be back out from under the television table and helping me achieve a more healthy lifestyle.

Thank you teenage me for jumping onto the wii bandwagon back in the day!


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