Weekly training recap: Mon 29th June – Sun 5th July

So this week has been warm…. one of the many reasons excuses for the lack of running I have done this week. There has been SOME running though, and some is definitely better than none last week so we are at least moving in a positive direction! I have ran twice, but they have both been short and sweet runs (1.2 miles each to be exact). I could blame many things, but they are all really just excuses.

The largest ‘excuse’ is that my running buddy husband Gid is out of action due to his dislocated shoulder. It will be at least another couple of weeks before he can start running again. I’ve found it really tough to get myself out the door and running without a running buddy egging me on. We both have days when we don’t want to run, but we push each other on those days to get out there anyway. Gid still reminds me to run, but it’s a lot harder to make myself get out the door when he gets to stay sitting on the sofa! I hope he heels quick so we can get back to training together!

Thankfully for me our official training plan for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon starts on Tuesday. I hope this will be a bit of motivation to get back into a proper routine. We are following Jeff Galloway’s plan using the run/walk method. The plan consists of two 30 minute ‘maintenance’ runs in the week and a longer run at the weekend where the mileage builds up slowly over the duration of the plan. All the running we have done so far has been building up to this training plan and this race, I just hope I can get back in the running grove, give it my all, and raise some funds for a well deserving charity; Make-A-Wish UK. If you would like to sponsor us, you can do so by clicking here! 


Rest day


Ran 1.2 miles at 7:30am and it was SO HOT ALREADY! I don’t know how you guys in hot countries do it!! Average pace 12’18” per mile.

Company at 7:30am
Company at 7:30am


Rest day


Rest day


Probably should have run today….. oh well.


Did 30 minutes of yoga and went on an hour long walk with my injured training buddy!


Love walking in the woods
Love walking in the woods


Ran 1.2 miles. Slower than Tuesday’s with an average pace of 12’29” per mile, but on a more hilly course.


Busy week next week with a trip away for a wedding at the weekend. Thankfully the training plan starts light, so the trip away shouldn’t have much of an impact on it. Heres hoping for a great week!


5 thoughts on “Weekly training recap: Mon 29th June – Sun 5th July

  1. Yep. going on your own is tough! I just don’t. Never have, not all that likely I ever will. Just don’t have the will power. Would setting off at the same time help but for you to run and G to walk? At least that way you could get each other out the door, do separate routes but each do a half hour exercise and meet back at home (says me, who just wouldn’t do it!)

    Keep us all posted on how the training plan is going. We’ve done our first week of the marathon plan for January now – 45 mins maintenance twice a week and a distance run at the weekend and I like it. Feels like I am building up miles and taking it seriously but my life doesn’t have to be all about running and fitting in the miles! I also love run/walk. Even I can get my head round running for a very short amount of time and by the time the walk break is over I can usually get my head round it again! Good luck


    1. Yeah, that may be a good idea actually, atleast we both get out the house that way. I’ve found a convenient time on a Tuesday where I can run after dropping G at work as I don’t have too be in as early that day, but the rest of the week is more tricky.

      Thank you so much for the donation!! Definately no excuses now 😛

      So glad your training plan is working well for you! I can’t wait to start ours! Makes it feel so real! Have a great few days away!!

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  2. You sound like me. My “reason/excuse” for not getting out for a run was because my granddaughter was visiting. Who wants to run when there’s a cute little granddaughter in the house? 😉 No more excuses! I have a 10k to prepare for!

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    1. Yup, it’s hard to stay on track, especially if you let it slip for a few weeks, but having something to aim for again definitely helps!


  3. Don’t melt in the Disney sun in Florida. My brother is a marathon runner in his sixties. Daughter likes to come from California to WDW to run in December. Used to have a condo in Celebration and the couple who do the main Mickey and Minnie lived nearby. Would see them at the pub for (sssshhhhh, don’t tell the locals) Mickey and Minnie are actually short people from England, former stage performers.

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