Worth the grumble.

It’s ridiculously warm today…. humid, and humidity and I do not go well together….


As such todays training run was abysmal (by my own standards) I only covered 2.15 miles in 28 minutes of running and there was a fair bit more walking than there should have been chucked in there (as well as large amounts of huffing, puffing, almost tripping over on my ankle before i’d even started…. and a very red post-run face).

I’ve been having a very blughhgh week anyway. I just feel very very tired (tireder than normal – and I ALWAYS complain of feeling tired!!!!) Remember that 2 miles from last week that I said i’d try and get in on Monday instead….yeah….. it was raining….. and I was tired.

Then when I got home from my horrible run and sat down on my laptop to write this grumpy blog post I checked my Facebook and what should be at the top of my feed… but a lovely post from Make-A-Wish Foundation about Millie, who is living with a rare heart condition and wished to go to Disneyland Paris and meet the Princesses! WISH GRANTED!

It was a lovely reminder of the main reason why i’m putting myself through this training malarky! My tiredness is nothing compared to how tired kids with life threatening illnesses must feel – and i’m sure I grumble and complain a lot more than they do, when they actually have genuine reasons to grumble and I definitely DO NOT!

If a few more humid weather abysmal feeling training runs are what its going to take to help raise some cash so these kids with life threatening illnesses get a wish come true then bring on the humidity!!!


(We are raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation UK by running the Walt Disney World Wine and Dine Half Marathon in November 2015. Any donation however small is appreciated. If you would like to donate you can visit our just giving page by clicking here). 


5 thoughts on “Worth the grumble.

  1. I hate the humidity as well! On the bright side though it’s potentially good training for Wine & Dine since it’s so humid here in Florida. Great perspective and a great goal! I have friends who have been blessed with Make a Wish trips here in the States and it’s just been amazing!

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    1. It is definitely good wine and dine training… i’m actually really worried about how humid it might end up being. I guess being in November it could go either way.


  2. Be sure to keep electrolytes in your water and to drink some. I tend to drink too much and my hands swell up in the humility. But my husband is the exact opposite and doesn’t drink enough. Also, I wear a headband that I soak with cool water before I go out to run. Keep up the great job! Tomorrow is a new day.

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