Weekly training recap: Mon 13th July – Sun 19th July

Sorry this training recap is a day late folks, we have had another fun filled weekend away visiting family and didn’t get back until late yesterday, when the last thing I felt like doing was blogging!

It’s not been the best week training wise, namely because I missed the long 3 mile run on our training plan as we were away at the weekend, but also because my 30 minute maintenance runs haven’t quite been 30 minutes. Fitting things in has been tough this week, but I did run twice which is better than nothing I guess.

Gideons shoulder is well and truly on the mend, he’s out of his sling and trying to get back to normal (with a lot of strengthening exercises from the physio). He’s decided to hold off running for another week though, as this week is a 4 mile long run where as next week goes back down to 2 so it will be easier for him to ease himself back in with a shorter distance.

Thankfully our weekend away adventures are now over for the foreseeable future with nothing currently planned that will consume an entire weekend, so fitting in the long runs should be simpler from this point forward.


Rest day


Moved todays scheduled run to later in the week as worked late.


Rest day


Did a 25 minute maintenance run (should have been 30 but my route was a little short and I made it home before 30 minutes was up). Covered 2.15 miles with an average pace of 12’52” per mile.



Did 20 minutes of Tuesdays 30 minute scheduled maintenance run. Covered 1.91 miles with an average pace of 13’29” per mile – I went to the local woods and ran the trails today, which is something i’ve never done before so I was expecting to be slower as i’m not used to running on those surfaces, but I really don’t mind, because this run really wasn’t about distance, it was about experiencing something new and remembering why I like running – getting out into nature and experiencing the fresh air etc! It was very warm, but I enjoyed the run a lot. As it happens, I ended up running further through the woods than i’ve ever been bothered to walk before and out into a clearing the other side where I decided to turn around and head back so I didn’t get completely lost!



Rest day

To busy making friends with this guy - no time for exercise!!!
To busy making friends with this guy – no time for exercise!!!


Should of done my long run but was away spending time with family. Did do around an hours walking through the beautiful English countryside (to the pub and back!!!) so the day wasn’t a complete waste as far as exercise goes!!

Ahhh England.... how I miss you sometimes....
Ahhh England…. how I miss you sometimes….

4 mile long run scheduled for next weekend – determined to get this done. Off to a wedding (locally this time) on Saturday but it’s a free day Sunday so run I shall!

Don’t forget if you’d like to donate to our fundraising efforts for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon you can do so by clicking here!


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