Our Disney Experience: Be Our Guest Restaurant

For the latest edition in my Disney mini series i’d like to tell you about our experience at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom.

We visited Be Our Guest (BOG) for Dinner last June on what happened to be MY BIRTHDAY! It was a brilliant experience and I have many thoughts to share on it below:

Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR):

We were lucky to snag an ADR for BOG upon the opening of our 180 day reservation window. I’d definitely recommending trying to get an ADR as soon as you possibly can for this particular restaurant as it fills up FAST. The ADR we had initially was for around 5pm which is not my ideal time to eat dinner as it seems a bit early. Thankfully with regular stalking of the Disney World website I was able to change this to 7.30pm when a free slot opened.

We arrived a little early for our ADR and checked in at the podium where we were given a pager and escorted onto the bridge that separates BOG from the rest of the park. It was a nice little area to wait although it was spitting with rain (always rains on my birthday – can’t avoid it, even in Florida)! We did however end up waiting around 20 minutes passed our ADR time before we were paged to let us know our table was ready. It is an extremely large and busy restaurant so do bare in mind that you may not get seated right away and plan accordingly (e.g. leave a sufficient amount of time for dinner factoring waiting times in before you plan any must-do activities).

Waiting on the drawbridge to beasts castle!
Waiting on the drawbridge to beasts castle!


The atmosphere in BOG is fantastic. Walt Disney World imagineering really have gone all out on this one to make it just like you have stepped inside Beasts castle from Beauty and the Beast. There are 3 rooms – the ballroom, the west wing and the castle gallery. We were seated in the very corner of the Ballroom so we had a lovely view of the entire room. I personally would have loved to have been sat in the west wing which has a more dark and creepy atmosphere but you don’t get to choose at dinner time (unlike lunch which is quick service and you can sit anywhere).

The view of the Ballroom from our table at BOG.
The view of the Ballroom from our table at BOG.
The castle gallery
Large rotating music box in the castle gallery
The west wing
The west wing

There is also a room where you can meet the beast after your meal, which is a nice added extra as it’s not technically a character dining experience, however Beast does get announced every half an hour or so and walks through all the dining rooms to applause!


I had braised beef and Gideon had steak. Both were delicious! It sounds weird, but the thing I enjoyed most were the VEGETABLES. They had seasonal veg sautéed in some combination of herbs, spices, oil etc and they were AMAZING. Man I wish I knew what they put on them, I could have eaten them all day! So much flavour!

Pudding was also brilliant, we both had ‘The Grey Stuff’ but they did have plenty of other little cake type puddings and they bring them over to your table on a lovely serving cart which you then choose your pudding from. It was a nice little touch.

Try the grey stuff it's delicious!
Try the grey stuff it’s delicious!


As it was my birthday, the cast members went above and beyond to make sure I had a lovely meal. Our waitress brought me out a special portion of ‘the grey stuff’ with a candle and sprinkles, and a card signed by herself and Belle and Beast. Even when you are 25, Disney treats you like a princess! Woohoo!


Overall, we really loved BOG. It was a big busy restaurant, but it still had charm and character and i’d recommend it for both families and couples!


3 thoughts on “Our Disney Experience: Be Our Guest Restaurant

  1. I got to do Be Our Guest for breakfast and Dinner back in April for my birthday. As a HUGE Beauty and the Beast fan it was a dream come true and an unforgettable experience. It is easily one of my favorite resturants as Magic Kingdom

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    1. Just keep checking the website every day multiple times a day and hopefully you’ll get one, it can take some serious website stalking lol!


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