Weekly training recap: Mon 19th July – Sun 25th July

Another week down on the road to the Wine and Dine Half Marathon! It’s crazy how quickly the summer is going. My count down to Disney app is showing 102 days until we leave for Florida… so close to double figures!! Yet that’s actually a pretty scary thought as it means we’ve only got 104 days left to get up to a standard where we can run 13.1 miles!

on the bright side my training buddy hubby will be back in action on Tuesday!! As next week in the schedule is quite light training wise, we figured it would be a good time for him to try out running again and see if the shoulder can take it without feeling too uncomfortable! Fingers crossed, because running alone is seriously starting to suck! I don’t mind it now and again, in fact I find it quite refreshing, but every run by yourself is just boring! I need company!

So this week I managed 1 of my 2 scheduled maintenance runs and my longer weekend run (bar the last .2 miles – will explain later). It could be worse I guess, but it was just sheer laziness that made me miss the 2nd midweek run… BAD BAD AMY!

Don’t forget if you would like to sponsor us for our efforts, you can do so by clicking here! All for a very worthy cause – Make-A-Wish Foundation UK, who you can read about here! No amount is too small!


Rest day


30 minute maintenance run. Covered 2.55 miles with an average pace of 11’45” per mile! – This was a good run, faster than i’ve gone in a while thanks to some much loved cloud cover! And it was my hilly route so i’m pretty pleased with this one!


Rest day


Ahhh Thursday… the day of my 2nd scheduled maintenance run. Weather was fine, I felt fine, I even finished work at 2pm so it’s not as if I was lacking time…. I was just lazy, plain lazy, that’s all there is too it! BAD BAD AMY!


Could have done yesterdays run today…. again lazy!


Rest day


4 mile ‘long run’ scheduled. Covered 3.82 miles with an average pace of 12’39” per mile. I mapped this route on my map run before I left as I haven’t ran it before and it said it was 4 miles. I ran it and it ended up being 3.82 miles according to nike+. It’s a miracle I even managed to make myself go out to run today what with the horrendous rain and wind so  I wasn’t really in the mood to run up and down the road several times to make it up to 4 miles!

In actuality though, despite the fact that I felt horrific for most of this run the pace really wasn’t that bad. And it was a hilly route – much hillier than I had anticipated! These roads really don’t feel so deathly hilly when you drive them in the car! Now that i’ve had a shower and eaten my post-run Mars Bar I actually feel pretty good about this run. Hurrah! A good week for running AT LAST!



3 thoughts on “Weekly training recap: Mon 19th July – Sun 25th July

  1. Do you guys have a Parkrun nearby at all? Every Saturday at 9am. Friendly, inviting and a really good opportunity to run with others where it takes a bit of the edge off from training intensity.

    Definitely worth looking up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Unfortunately not, I did have a look on the website a while ago and the closest are in Carmarthen and Porthcawl, both of which are a fair trek away (especially for a Saturday morning lol) It’s a real shame because I think it would be great!!


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