Thinking about fueling…

After this week our training plan for the Wine and Dine half starts ramping up the mileage on the long runs pretty quickly. 10k is the furthest we have run so far and whilst I didn’t need any extra fuel during that run I was pretty parched afterwards and consumed (rather quickly) a lot of chocolate milk/jelly beans! So i’ve been thinking the past few days about the best way to ‘fuel’ during the long training runs and the half marathon and reading a lot of reviews and opinions from different people in the process.

I have read a lot about gels, but these really don’t appeal to me as I think they will a) upset my stomach and b) go EVERYWHERE (I won’t be able to stand it if I end up getting all sticky whilst i’ve still got miles of running left to do!) Initially I wanted to just take a Mars Bar with me to eat half way through whilst taking a little walking break, but the realisation that Florida is WARM soon put an end to that when I realised it would end up just being a sticky mess!

So today Gideon picked up some of these…..


Yup! Clif Bars! We have some chocolate chip ones, some blueberry ones and some white chocolate and macadamia nut ones. A bar fits nicely in my flip-belt and in theory we should be able to nibble on them throughout the run during some of the walk breaks!

Once we start hitting those big miles i’ll let you know how the testing goes! But if you have any suggestions of other things to try please let us know in the comments below, we are always up for hearing fellow runners advice!


8 thoughts on “Thinking about fueling…

  1. All the top tennis players have a bite or two of a banana at each change of ends. Must be good for keeping them fuelled up and kind to the stomach and nice and cheap and wholesome!

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    1. Yup, I find bananas quite a good thing to eat like an hour before I go running at the moment, especially if I haven’t had a meal in a while


  2. i’m weird about gels as well. i recommend glukos….(i think that’t the spelling i will have to look it up), they’re low key, low sugar and GOOD!! Usually most gels are too sweet and after trying virtually everything I have tried was a bust until this. Low cal too.

    Bananas also help me too!

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      1. Sweet! Man, I’d love to go to Florida for a race. I’ve never had problems with Sesame Snaps either pre- or mid-run, but then again I seem to have guts of steel so I might not be your best guide!


  3. Gels are a big challenge to face. I recommend chews! They’re super tasty. Honey Stingers are great, small to chew and super delicious. Cliff Bloks I find work better with supplying energy but they’re pretty big to chew and will harden if it’s cold. (fun fact running when it’s -20C turns them in to hard candy)

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