Menu Monday: Hake with paprika potatoes and chorizo

When I started to run it was partly as an excuse to keep eating more delicious unhealthy food (which I love) but since my appreciation for all things running has grown so has my appreciation for all things healthy, and i’ve been trying to limit the rubbish I put into my body (especially before the run’s – i’m always partial to a big bar of chocolate after :P). I feel healthier and more able to drag my bum off the sofa and go exercise if my stomach isn’t full of crappy foods!

So i’ve decided to start a menu Monday segment of this blog, to show you some of the healthier, fresher foods we’ve been eating and to keep myself motivated to try out new healthier recipes rather than reaching for the takeaway brochure!

Today’s dinner: Hake with paprika potatoes and chorizo.

Recently (after many years of laziness) we have discovered the joy of buying meat from the butcher! We get all our meat from the local market – mainly because normally we get a lot more for our money than we would at the supermarket and because the quality is just so much better. On recent trips i’ve also started buying fish from the fishmongers in the market – fish is something I hardly ever ate until recently just because I hated the idea of potentially choking on hidden bones and the fact that I was worried I wouldn’t be able to cook it enough (not that that really matters – sushi anyone?!) but the fishmongers are great – they’ll fillet anything if you ask and get rid of all the bones and give you tips on how to cook it so problem solved!

This week they had a mix and match deal on at the fishmongers – 3 for £5 on selected cuts. We wanted 2 pieces of Salmon (because Salmon is such an easy fish to get right) but then there was the dilemma of what to get for the 3rd piece as there are only two of us, so getting another piece Salmon didn’t really make sense. So in the end we opted for a hake tail, having no idea really of what hake tastes like, or how to cook it, or what it goes well with – but the piece looked big and could easily feed two so we went for it!

Hours (slight exaggeration) of scouring the internet then began to try and find a recipe where I could use the hake tail fillet and eventually I settled on this one from The only difference being that they used frozen hake fillets and mine were fresh!

The verdict:

It turned out to be just as delicious as I had hoped, the fish was really tasty and there were no hidden bones in sight (yippee). The paprika oil combo wasn’t overpowering but added a nice flavour to the whole dish. The only let down was that the potatoes were still a bit on the crunchy side as I probably cut them a bit too chunkily for them to cook in the oven in that time. Next time I would either cut them very small or part boil them first. I was so pleased that something so simple could be so tasty! Plus according to “Frequent consumption of white fish, such as hake, improves blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and reduces weight, according to a study conducted by researchers at the Nutrition & Obesity Unit of Hospital Ramón y Cajal in Madrid.” Result!


Spanish-style Hake With Chorizo & Italian Tomatoes (to serve 2, generously):

1 tsp smoked paprika, or spanish rub
4 potatoes, diced
Chorizo Sausage, chopped
1 cup of cherry tomatoes, chopped
2 hake fillets (defrosted)
3 tbsp olive oil
1 dash salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 200ºC.

Mix paprika, olive oil, salt and pepper together. Set aside.

Coat potatoes with 2 Tbsp of paprika/oil mix and arrange in a roasting pan.

Roast for 15 minutes or until starting to crisp. Add chorizo and tomatoes.

Brush fish fillets with remaining paprika/oil mix and place on top.

Cook for another 10 -12 minutes, or until fish starts to flake.

Serve with steamed or boiled green beans

Original recipe found at: courtesy of Staccato!

What are your favourite healthy dinners that make you feel ready to go exercise rather than too bloated to get off the couch? We’d love to hear any suggestions you have that we could try during future menu Mondays! 


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