It’s not supposed to be easy.

I always get a bit discouraged when I have a particularly hard time during a training run. Not every run is going to feel good and I know that, but when you have experienced that ‘runners high’ and that feeling that nothing is going to stop you it get’s a bit frustrating when you want to keep feeling like that but all you feel like is a big ball of blubber shuffling along trying to continue breathing.

This evenings run felt hard. A part of me knew it would be, even though all day i’ve been fine with the idea of running (where as I sometimes spend all day dreading it). Within the first two minutes my calves were aching, it was warm out, it was hilly, and I could still feel all my dinner jumping around inside my belly even though I left ample time for it to go down. It was just one of those runs, but it had to be done, and I did get it done.

During the last 10 minutes whilst wondering what dismal pace I was running at (it was actually no worse than normal but for some reason I felt about 20x slower) I realised that running (and exercise in general actually) probably isn’t supposed to be easy. The hard breathing, the aching legs – it meant I was working hard – it meant I had pushed myself and was working towards achieving something, whether it be a little weight loss, a little more muscle, feeling a little bit fitter, or in my case just a sense of satisfaction for having completed it!

Exercise isn’t supposed to be easy, it’s supposed to be challenging, it’s supposed to improve you – to help you on your way to being healthier and happier. Like studying for a exam – it’s hard at first, but you keep revising and revising and things become a little easier until you take your test and get the grade. Exercise should be hard, and you should work on it and work on it until you meet the goal you have set yourself -whether thats running a marathon or just being fit enough to run up the stairs at work!

I’m still working towards my goal and there are going to be hard moments, but that’s ok because it’s supposed to be a challenge and an easy challenge wouldn’t really be a challenge at all.


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