Weekly training recap: Mon Aug 10th – Sun Aug 16th

I’m pleased to say that we actually completed all our scheduled training miles this week (hoorah!) and I did some yoga (I know what you are thinking – ‘extra exercise? say whaaaat!?!?!’). Largely it’s been a good week of training. We have been feeling good for the most part so can’t complain. Looking forward to a nice low mileage week next week… only a 3 mile run at the weekend – bliss!


Rest day


30 minute maintenance run: covered 2.33 miles using run/walk intervals with 2 minutes running and 45 seconds walking. Average pace 12’26 per mile. Hilly route so not to bad considering!


I (Amy) did 30 minutes of yoga following a youtube video. I’ve purchased a yoga mat and everything!


Rest day


Amy did her 30 minute maintenance run (Gideon was with friends this evening so we ran solo). Using run/walk intervals of 2 minutes running and 45 seconds walking. Covered 2.20 miles including HILL OF DOOM with an average pace of 12’26 per mile. Not to bad… it was about 2 minutes short of 30 minutes if i’m honest, but that’s because I seem to be getting a bit fast for my normal loop from the house (which used to take half an hour). I’m going to have to find a new route which takes longer than 30 minutes I think or this is going to keep happening!



Gideon did his 30 minute maintenance run on the treadmill at the gym after his physiotherapy session. He covered 2.81 miles (running the whole thing) with an average pace of 11’21” per mile!


6.61 mile long run (was supposed to be 6.5 – nailed it!) using run/walk intervals of 2 minutes running and 45 seconds walking. Average pace 11’55” per mile.

For perspective…. We started where the arrow is… ran all the way to where I took this picture and then ran all the way back again!

Furthest yet!
Furthest yet!

Several things to note about this run. The first that it was ruined slightly by a bunch of car park chavs who decided to heckle me when I was walking back to the car (Gid was a few minutes behind me at this point as he’d stopped to sort his running belt out). I responded with humour, but it actually annoyed me quite a bit because I just think they have no right to comment on me whilst i’m doing any sort of exercise. Unless you want to say something encouraging and helpful don’t say anything at all. It is not kind. You don’t know how far i’ve ran, what i’ve managed to accomplish that day – every persons situation is different when it comes to exercise and accomplishments so how dare you pass judgement on mine!

Now i’ve got that little rant off my chest… I tried some more fuelling on todays run in the form of the clif bar (blueberry crisp this time – tasty). By mile 3.5 I was getting pretty worn out, but I waited until mile 4 to eat some clif bar and I think this was a mistake as by this point I was ready to give up and the energy boost took about another mile to kick in. So really, I think the lesson I have learnt is to take some fuel when I start to feel tired rather than leaving it till when i’m exhausted, as then by the time I get to the point of exhaustion my fuel should be kicking in and giving me the boost I need!

Nice easy week next week which should give the legs some time to recover! I’m looking forward to it!


24 thoughts on “Weekly training recap: Mon Aug 10th – Sun Aug 16th

  1. Hey guys firstly, great week! Loads of good runs in there! My main point was regarding the hecklers. I got this almost every run, as I run with music I don’t often hear them so I try to tell myself it’s positive encouragement even though in my heart of hearts I know it isn’t!
    But bottom line is you’ve been out running, ignore anything negative they have to say and if you have to listen use it as fuel for your next run!
    Anyways enough negativity well done on a great week. I love your diary style!

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    1. Hi, thanks very much. Getting heckled every run must suck, i’m glad you have managed to turn it into something positive. I’ll definitely try to do that, I think I just needed to get it off my chest this once lol!


  2. Sorry you had some hecklers. Not nice! One time while I am was driving down the road I saw 2 runners. They were so inspiring to me (due to their size) that I got tears in my eyes. I wanted to acknowledge their efforts. But the only way for me to do that would have been for me to honk my car horn. Since I knew that the honk wouldn’t be received in the same spirit in which it was given. I drove past in silence. I still wish I could have complimented them!

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    1. Aww I know what you mean, I also sometimes want to shout ‘you can do it!’ when i’m driving by people running, just because I know how darn hard it can be sometimes! But when people honk or stare at me out of their cars I don’t take it well… I definitely need to give myself a mental shake sometimes to remind myself that it probably wasnt meant in the way i’m taking it but rather as an encouragement 🙂

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  3. You need to practise your “withering looks” to give the hecklers (I have a few up my sleeve- I’m a teacher 😉 ) and then ignore them (easier said than done, I know). Beautiful shot of Swansea!

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    1. Clif bar’s are all we have tried so far. I had one after our 4 miler last week and did feel it helped give me my post-run energy back faster. I ate about a 3rd of a bar today whilst out running and whilst it did take about a mile to kick in – I definitely felt I had more energy towards the end which I guess I shall attribute to the clif bar (as I felt very rough in the middle of the run so I don’t know what else would have changed that). So yes, i’d say get a couple and give it a try. You don’t need to eat the whole thing at once, just have a few bites every few miles. They are quite chewy, so I do eat them whilst walking as I don’t want to choke. I guess a gel is probably better for when running as you could probably take it whilst running still without much problem, but I don’t like the idea of gels as I think they’ll upset my stomach.


  4. Sorry to hear about the hecklers, nothing worse to put you off your game, but well done on the yoga! We love Adrienne too, she’s amazing and yoga greatly helps with keeping the muscle soreness at bay.

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  5. awww it’s such a shame about the hecklers. why do people have to do it? I’m pretty lucky so far to have only received mornings/hello and a keep going or well done type thing. but then again I run around my village so know lots of people.

    do you find yoga helps? I’ve tried Pilates but not yoga. x

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    1. Yeah, this is the first time it’s happened so thankfully it isn’t a regular occurrence where we run. I’m not sure I can comment on whether the yoga is actually helping yet but it is fun to be doing something a bit different as well as the running 🙂

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  6. I have only been heckled once. I very politely said my next run would be 10k in 2 days time and would love them to join me (big smile, trying really hard not to sound sarcastic). Response? Oh. Ummm, really err umm no, I don’t think……. I just smiled again and went home 😀

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    1. Haha that’s a fast response right there! I tend to come out with something lame and then spend hours thinking of something better that I could have said lol!


  7. Great work! (Sorry I am late to this – work has been busy and now I am work-avoiding by catching up on blogs!). Don’t worry about the hecklers, they’re idiots. It’s not about them, it is about you and their behaviour says far more about them than you. I’ve had comments once or twice while running and it always upsets me but it’s just not worth worrying about. Fairly recently I was coming out of our supermarket and a bloke waiting outside just said ‘loose some f-ing weight will ya’ and while I was initially shocked and upset, by the time I got to the car I I was more concerned about him and what had made him so angry about life. On a positive note – looks like a lovely route to run!

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    1. People can be so rude sometimes can’t they and whilst it’s no excuse for rudeness you are right that it does make you wonder what on earth is going on with them to make them like that. It is a pretty good route to run as there is a path right from one end of the bay to the other and its flat (woohoo) it’s only annoying when it’s windy cause sand blows onto the path making it uneven and gets in your eyes lol! Still – makes me feel very lucky to live where I do!

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  8. Great job on all your hard work! I really am stunned by the stupidity of people. I hate that you had to deal with hecklers. Just remember how BA you are and keep doing what you’re doing. You both are amazing!


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