Weekly training recap – Mon 17th Aug – Sun 23rd Aug

So I really need to stop thinking of these low mileage weeks in the training plan as “rest weeks” and start thinking of them as something else, because in my mind “rest” inevitably leads to the thought process of ‘it’s ok to skip this run as it’s a rest week’ and subsequently leads to an evening spent on the sofa eating chocolate instead of attempting scheduled maintenance run. That’s not to say that this hasn’t been a good week for exercise on the whole – because actually it has been a good week – it’s just not been quite as much running as it should have been according to the training plan.

There has been some running this week and we have also done some other fun exercise like a 4 mile walk (which made my legs ache more than last weeks 6.5 mile run and gave me a horrible blister) and some yoga. Plus I feel as if today’s 5k has made up for things in some way as it really did feel like the best run i’ve done in a long long time! hoorah!


Rest day


15 minute (ish) maintenance run. Covered 1.15 miles using run/walk intervals of 2 minutes running and 45 seconds walking with an average pace of 11’34” per mile. This should of been 30 minutes but we just weren’t feeling it and I can’t even remember why now which is pretty poor. The excuse was that it was “rest week” we’d just ran 6.5 miles 2 days previously so it was okay to cut it short… right??? hmmmm you can see where this is going can’t you!!


Rest day


30 minute maintenance run scheduled for today but we have been having some horrendous rain in Wales over the past few days so we pushed it back till Friday in the hopes of avoiding a soaking wet run. I did 30 minutes of yoga though!


It was still raining…. need I say more??


Gid managed to do his 30 minute maintenance run at the gym after his physio session (he covered 2.6 miles on the treadmill). We then went for a 4 mile walk up to the local reservoir in the afternoon once the rain had finally cleared up.

Lliw Reservoir near Swansea! 10 minute drive from our house.... then a 4 mile walk lol!
Lliw Reservoir near Swansea! 10 minute drive from our house…. then a 4 mile walk lol!

It really felt humid yesterday afternoon during our walk. It reminded me of a summers day in Florida it was that crazy! Plus I wasn’t wearing the greatest shoes which have resulted in an awfully large blister on my toe! This has definitely made me realise that I MUST MUST wear sensible shoes around the parks at Disney in the day’s before the Wine and Dine Half Marathon or else i’m going to wreck my feet before we even start running!


Raining again this morning – but the poor week we have had meant we HAD to get out today and do our scheduled 3 miles NO EXCUSES. And actually as soon as we went out it brightened right up! We ran 3.12 miles in  36.27 seconds with an average pace of 11″39 per mile. We didn’t use run/walk intervals and ran the entire thing, only stopping for 3 very brief walk breaks. I’m really really pleased with this run as we both felt good and like we could have continued for another few miles. It’s reminded me that I can go further and longer than a couple of minutes without walk breaks and still feel good. Hoorah!

Finally some blue sky!
Finally some blue sky!

Next weekend is the dreaded 8 miler. The longest training run we will have attempted so far. I’m in two minds about it. I’m worried because it’s 8 miles and thats a long way, but i’m also excited to prove to myself that I can do it and to get a little bit further in distance ready for the Wine and Dine Half in November! Wish us luck!!


5 thoughts on “Weekly training recap – Mon 17th Aug – Sun 23rd Aug

  1. I did 9 so you can def do 8 miles! There’ll be a point where it just becomes mind over matter and when you get through that the rest will be a piece of cake – well actually it won’t but it’ll be fine and you can have cake after

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