The 8 Miler

So it’s done. Our furthest distance so far; the 8 mile training run has been completed! Gideon wanted to run early Saturday morning and get it out the way so we could enjoy the rest of the weekend without needing to worry about it. I reluctantly agreed. The prospect of waking up at 6am on a weekend is not one that appeals to me. Infact i’m sure the ONLY reason I agreed to this was because it’s a bank holiday weekend here in the UK which means I can sleep in on Monday instead. Hooray for bank holidays! Anyway the alarm went, i’d slept terribly. I said that to Gid and he was quite happy and said we could just stay in bed and run this evening…. but then I felt really guilty for some reason…. and so I then talked him into getting up instead?!?!?! How did this happen?!?! This was a nice bit of reverse psychology on Gid’s part I think!!

So by 7.15 we found ourselves running along the seafront. We were doing our 2 minute running and 1 minute walking intervals that we plan to use during the Wine and Dine Half Marathon. Conditions were great really. There was a nice breeze (but not to windy), the sun was still burning up last nights haze and fog so it wasn’t too hot yet. It was quiet with just us and a few other runners/cyclists and dog walkers. Much less busy that it would have been during the day or the evening, which meant considerably less people to dodge. We felt good. We’d had some toast and some water before we left. We’d eaten our favoured fueling dinner of chicken and rice the night before. Everything was going well.

At mile 3 we decided to take on some extra fuel. Two weeks ago when we ran 6.5miles we ate some clif bar mid run but since then we have purchased some clif shot blocks!


The only way I can describe them is almost like a jelly baby but without the weird sugary coating. We had strawberry flavour this time. I felt the clif shot went down a lot easier than the clif bar did last week and I was able to run on without feeling like I was going to throw it back up. One was plenty for this distance and I had enough energy for the rest of the run. Perhaps in the half I may need to take another around 8-9 miles in, but I think that should do it.

We’d run further round the bay today than we ever have before; about 2 thirds of the way round. Soon we will have to go right to the very end! That seems a little less scary now as we were almost there today! We turned around at 4 miles and then along came MR SUNSHINE!!! ugh!! Sun just makes me fall apart! I hate it, I hate having it shine on my face, and the breeze was now behind us so it wasn’t offering any kind of relief.

At about mile 6.5 we went back into the nice shady part of the run – finally some respite from Mr Sunshine. We were both still feeling pretty good. I was getting slightly tight calfs but nothing too bad. Then all of a sudden it seemed we were on the home stretch! We finished the 8 miles in 1 hour 41 minutes and we didn’t skip a single run interval! I’m absolutely ecstatic!

We did it!! Waayyhaaay!

We chilled for 15 minutes when we got back to the car and ate a clif bar for some recovery calories. My post-run beetroot face was out in full force and I felt a bit rough on the car journey home, but I think that was just from the motion. The legs are still feeling generally ok as I type this, but the soles of my feet are burning! I wear decent trainer socks so I don’t really know what I can do to help with this – I think it’s just the result of an hour and 40 minutes of my feet pounding the ground and I guess i’ll just have to live with it. Still i’m glad my 14 year old self brought that foot spa all those years ago… it may finally come in useful!


16 thoughts on “The 8 Miler

    1. Thanks, I popped them in my foot spa for a bit and that seems to have helped! Now it’s just the rest of my legs that ache lol!


  1. 8 miles!!! Great job! Just back from a day and a half trip to Florida..,. Omg hot and humid! I know it will be better for your race but gawd is it humid there!

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    1. Thanks 🙂 yup i’m a bit worried about it (the scale of head/humidity in the UK isn’t really the same) but hopefully by Nov it will have gone a bit.

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  2. YESSSSSS!!!! Well done both of you! 8 miles is a great distance to get under your belt. Your pics look great and I’m jealous that you get to run on the sea front like that! Also doing that distance in a morning sounds like hell to me! You’ve both done a brilliant job there!

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