Weekly training recap: Mon 24th Aug – Sun 30th Aug.

So August is almost over and our next run isn’t scheduled until Tuesday which means our training runs in August are more than certainly complete (unless for some crazy reason we decide to just throw in a run anyway…. yeah… I don’t think we like running THAT much yet)! This month in preparation for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon we have covered 32.9 miles! That’s the most yet in a month and i’m pretty proud of that!

I blogged in depth yesterday about our 8 miler. There was a time after the Caerphilly 10k in June where I felt like we just weren’t moving forward with distance fast enough and that we would never get to a place where we could go above 10k. But patience and following the training plan has paid off and I feel good and ready now as we tackle these longer distances!

Next month we have the Swansea 10k on the 20th of September. I think i’ve neglected to mention this race on here until now. It’s sort of crept up on us but we aren’t too worried now that we are running more than 10k distances in training. I think we are sufficiently prepared for the race and it falls on a low mileage maintenance week in our Wine and Dine training plan which is ideal as we can run the 6.2 miles and not have to worry about going any further or doing any other long run’s that weekend.

In theory the Swansea 10k should be a great race for us. It’s in our home town and held along the sea front where we do all our long training runs. We are used to the route so there shouldn’t be any surprises. It’s also dead flat; perfect for chasing a PR and I fully intend to try to shave a couple of minutes off the 10k time I achieved at Caerphilly. I might tweak the training plan a little by skipping or shortening a few of the mid week runs that week as the weekend before we’ll be doing 9.5 miles and that’s not going to be a picnic for the legs! I’d like them to be sufficiently rested again so we can give it our all at the Swansea 10k.

This weeks training has been ok. We did skip and shorten the maintenance runs, but I’m proud that we got out there and tackled those 8 miles without any thoughts of quitting!


Rest day


We should have done our 30 minute maintenance run today but we had both had long day’s at work and just didn’t feel like running after dinner. It’s a poor excuse but it’s just what happened.


On the recommendation of The Running Granny I tried the first level of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred which you can find on youtube. I really enjoyed this. It was 30 minutes of high intensity exercise and stretching and left me feeling very sweaty and a little sore but that’s great as it meant I worked hard. I had been doing yoga which I do enjoy but i’m more of an aerobic exercise fan overall so this was perfect as it included both stretching and aerobic exercise meaning I didn’t get bored! I’m going to try and fit one in a week (either Jillian Michaels or a yoga with Adrienne) for a bit of added cross training.


Ran 1.89 miles in just over 20 minutes with an average pace of 12’08” per mile. Didn’t use intervals for this run, just ran and walked when we felt like it. It should have been 30 minutes but I had to cut it short as I think we ran a bit to soon after dinner and my stomach was not impressed. Lesson learnt.

We also tried a new route on this run as i’ve mentioned before that we seem to be able to cover our old half an hour route a bit to quickly now (yay for improvement). We just ran down a few different roads in the estate to see where they would take us and got a little lost at one point!! The estate is so much bigger than It looks and is a bit of a maze in places! Still we got to the main road eventually and i’d definitely consider running the route again as it cut out a lot of the long hill that I hate (woohoo). Also got to see this fantastic sky:



Rest day


Ran 8 miles using run/walk intervals of 2 minutes running and 1 minute walking. Average pace of 12’39” per mile. Knee’s ached terribly in the afternoon but my feet felt better after 15 minutes in the foot spa. Generally the legs are feeling better today just a little achy whilst going upstairs etc. but that’s to be expected as we pushed further than we have ever before.

We did it!! Waayyhaaay!
We did it!! Waayyhaaay!

We rewarded ourselves in the evening with an ice cream (in my case) and a custard slice (in Gids case) at one of our favourite cafes with this gorgeous view.

This is the opposite side of the bay from which we start our training runs. In the not to distant future we will end up having to run all the way to here and back!
This is the opposite side of the bay from which we start our training runs. In the not too distant future we will end up having to run all the way to here and back!


Rest day (obviously it’s only just started… but we have no plans for exercise).

Next week is a rest maintenance week. This has worked out well as we are away next weekend but should still be able to fit in a short 5k without much trouble. Have a great week everyone!

We are running the Wine and Dine Half Marathon at Walt Disney World to raise money for Make-A-Wish UK. If you would like to sponsor us you can do so via our just giving page by clicking here! 


6 thoughts on “Weekly training recap: Mon 24th Aug – Sun 30th Aug.

  1. Well done on a great week. Reading your blog really inspires me to get out the door. In fact as I type this I’m arriving home from an 8 miler I was inspired to do after reading your previous post this morning. So thank you for the inspiration and keep up the good work!

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    1. Aww thanks, that’s so lovely! It’s so nice to know it’s inspiring… I often feel like i’m just rambling on lol. Hope your 8 miler was good 🙂


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