Countdown to Wine and Dine, how will I cope with: The time difference

The countdown to the Wine and Dine Half Marathon now stands at 66 days  and this week i’ve been considering how I will cope with:-

The time difference!

We leave for Orlando on the Thursday with the run being on the Saturday night at 10pm. Our flight goes from Gatwick at around 1pm and is around 9 and a half hours. Florida is 5 behind the UK so when we land it will be around 5:30 instead of 10:30. 10:30 is past my bedtime. I can already tell that i’m going to struggle on this first evening. The plan is to stay up for as long as possible…. till atleast 11pm in Florida time if I can. I remember on our last trip we booked an ADR at Planet Hollywood for about 8.30pm on our arrival night. I was exhausted, the meal sucked because I felt sleepy and light headed. However I was fine the next morning and for the rest of the holiday! This trip, we are going to take it easy at our hotel (The Wilderness Lodge – eeeeeeee so excited!!!!!) have a quick service meal, a little explore, maybe a drink in the bar, but generally just chill in the hope that staying up will be a little easier this way.

After the first night i’ve always been fine when we’ve previously been to Florida with the jet lag usually being much worse when we return to Britain. And whilst we have a couple of days to get used to the new time zone what worries me is that Saturday night is going to be SUCH a late night. My body is used to bed between 10-11pm. The half marathon doesn’t even start till 10pm and it’s going to take us at least 2.5 hours which means we won’t finish till gone midnight (probably more like 1am by the time our corral actually goes). Plus we want to experience at least a bit of the after party which goes on till 4am. An early night is not an option here, and i’m worried my body, which may not have recovered from changing time zones and then being forced to run 13.1 miles will not take kindly to being kept up until 4am in the morning!

So the plan to stop this happening…….


That’s right… NAPS. I plan to nap on Saturday afternoon, and whilst the jury seems to still be out on whether coffee is good for you or bad for you when it comes to running, I might have a sneaky coffee around 7 or 8pm. That’s still like 3 hours before we start running, so its ok right?? I guess we will have to wait and find out!!

Don’t mind if I do Mickey!

We also plan to start ‘training’ our bodies to withstand staying up later. From now on at the weekend’s (cause i’m not staying up late on a week night) we’ll be aiming to stay up later and later so our bodies learn to cope (can’t believe how sad that sounds – i’m only 26 for crying out loud)!! Hopefully by race day our bodies might be a bit more used to late nights. We might even try few late night training run’s so our bodies knows what to expect come race night!

Any tips for beating the jet lag and getting used to running in a different time zone?? Let us know in the comments!


14 thoughts on “Countdown to Wine and Dine, how will I cope with: The time difference

  1. I would definitely recommend doing your long runs in the evening. With depleted energy stores it’s a totally different game if you’re use to doing them first thing. This is the recommended method for doing all long runs. You eat what you’ll eat before the race, you mimic the time. Ex Sunday morning race = Sunday morning long runs whenever possible.

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    1. Thanks, I think we will definitely try to get in a couple of late evening long runs in the next few weeks. It’s getting dark here earlier now so should be able to get a good feel for it. 🙂


  2. Yep – try and mirror what will happen on race day. I don’t think jet lag will be a problem. Stay up for as long as you can comfortably stay awake without being miserable when you arrive – that should get you back into a proper pattern. On the day of the run just rest. Don’t plan anything, read, chat, go for a slow gentle walk… rest. From now until the run do your long runs in the evening so you get used to it and know how to prepare during the day . Our marathon is a very very early morning start – we’re already starting to mirror that in our long runs with getting up early and being awake about the same amount of time before actually running… All part of the fun!

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    1. Yup definitely planning to take it easy (as far as possible in the excitement of being in Disneyworld lol) in the days leading up to the race. The Marathons at disney do start crazy early don’t they… I think the Wine and Dine is the only late race… that’s why we choose it lol! I’m much more grouchy in the mornings ha!

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  3. Another vote for doing some of your runs at night to better simulate what it’ll be like to run at night in Florida (though obviously not as warm as over there!).

    Running in the dark feels much, much harder than running in the light. It’ll be a shock to the system especially after our summer and running in nothing but daylight hours.

    Best of luck!

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    1. I think we will definitely give some late evening runs a try. I hate that it’s already getting dark early but I may as well get used to it!


  4. Wow, I hadn’t really thought about how much this affects racing! When I travelled for business and had to adjust my body clock quickly, my best tactic was just to immediately pretend I was on the new timezone, and wait for my body to catch up. Running also really helped- when I arrived back in London from Latin America, I forced myself out of bed for a run in the morning. I figured I was gonna feel shitty anyway, and why not have a few miles under my belt? It also did wonders for getting my body clock back to UK time.

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  5. On my first ever trip abroad, ironically to London, Cambridge and Edinburgh, my dad insisted we stay up until the sun went down and I’ve lived my that rule ever since traveling. It seriously helps with jet lag, even if you are exhausted on arrival day! Enjoy Wilderness Lodge! It’s one of our favorites but we are taking the cheap route this trip!

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    1. Yeah – that’s always been my philosophy as well, and generally I don’t think it’s as bad going to America from the UK as coming back so hopefully it won’t be too hard 🙂


    1. Thanks! Can’t wait! Been to Disney a few times but never set foot in the Wilderness Lodge so it’s going to be a completely new experience! So excited!


  6. We took a nap on the day of the Wine&Dine last year for about an hour or two and it was good to have that extra bit of energy. A lot of people drink coffee on the way to the start line, if you’re grabbing a cup on the way you’ll still have plenty of time before the run. If you can drink black coffee even better.

    We had an estimated time of about 2.5hrs as well but it took us about 2hrs 50mins. We were back in Epcot just after 1am I think. It was actually easier than you’d expect to stay up (and we were WET) because of the buzz you feel after the run. We were tired but awake if you know what I mean. We were riding around on test track until about 3.45AM and then they were shutting the park down. We got to loop around on Test Track several times as it was sooo empty!

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