Weekly training recap: Mon 31st Aug – Sun 6th Sept

These rest maintenance weeks…. I sure do love them! Although we do tend to slack a bit more than we should during them. This week has consisted of walking more miles than running (but not during the run’s themselves) so whilst we have slacked on the running somewhat we have probably made up for it a little by doing some other forms of exercise (I tell myself this so i’ll feel less guilty).


Rest day


Ran 1.27 miles – should have been a 30 minute maintenance run. It was nowhere near 30 minutes but the stomach was feeling particularly unhappy. Average pace 12’19” per mile on our hilly route.


Rest day


Should have done another 30 minute maintenance run….. didn’t happen. Can’t remember why. Just lazy me thinks!


I (Amy) did another round of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. It did not feel any easier than last weeks and it’s going to take me 30 weeks to complete the 30 days but I do enjoy doing it!


Walked 4.5 miles whilst on a weekend visit to my parents house (in the town where I grew up) and to see Banksy’s new exhibition called ‘dismaland’ (which is a dismal take on Disneyland – it was pretty surreal!). Felt like a proper tourist doing touristy things like walking on the pier and eating lots of chips (which is why we needed to walk so much!!)

Dismaland - and Dismal it was; especially the hour long queue to get in!
Dismaland – and Dismal it was; especially the hour long queue to get in!
Being touristy on Weston pier!
Being touristy on Weston pier!

Also ran 2 miles (which should have been 3 but we ran out of path and didn’t want to run on the road) in the lovely village where I grew up. It was fun to run down the path I used to walk all the time as a child! Average pace 12’47” per mile – but I did stop a few times to take all the lovely photos (the things I do for this blog 😛 )

Lovely to run where I grew up!
Lovely to run where I grew up!


Decided to go for a little walk to try and scope out a potential new running route. Ended up walking a couple of miles down the Llanelli coastal path which is about a 15 minute drive from our house and has lovely views of the estuary and the gower peninsular. The path itself is goes for 7 miles so will be perfect for out and back long runs and is less crowded than Swansea bay. However it’s not lit so will be useless in the winter when it’s dark all the time.

The start of Llanelli coastal path
The start of Llanelli coastal path
Looking over to Gower
Looking over to Gower


Big week next week with a 9.5 miler at the weekend so can’t be slacking off like this week. In theory we should also receive our race numbers for the Swansea 10k through the post sometime this week. We are looking forward to that race in two weeks time as we are excited to add some more medals to the collection! Happy running everyone!

Coastal path selfie!!
Coastal path selfie!!

8 thoughts on “Weekly training recap: Mon 31st Aug – Sun 6th Sept

    1. It’s a Jillian Michaels (from the biggest loser) fitness dvd – but they have them all on youtube. 30 minutes of cardio, strength and abs for 30 days and it could help you loose up to 20lbs (but i’m just doing it for cross training not particularly to loose weight although it’s always nice lol!)

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    1. Yup it’s a pretty nice part of the world really – I didnt appreciate it enough when I was young. Yeah I do like it because it combines cardio, strength and abs and if I just do one of those things I end up getting a bit bored – I don’t do it every day though or really to loose weight, just as a bit of cross training in between the running to try and strengthen some of my muscles 🙂

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