Countdown to Wine and Dine: How will I cope with fuelling at Disney World?

The Wine and Dine Half Marathon is now only 59 days away eek! This week we have been thinking about:-

how we are going to fuel for our race whilst in Disney World. 

The temptation to eat like a complete PIG is very real whilst on vacation; especially to somewhere like Disney World which is full of such amazing food options (it’s not all burgers and fries you know) and the second I cross that finish line I fully intend to stuff my face with all of Disney’s delicious treats – it is called the Wine and Dine Half Marathon after all and takes place during a food and wine FESTIVAL. I mean 90% of the reason I signed up in the first place is because of this – I fully intend on enjoying it.

But even I realise that in the days leading up to the half marathon I need to be very sensible about what I eat. We arrive on a Thursday night and the run is the Saturday night so sensible food choices need to be made on both the Friday and Saturday so that we can ensure we are feeling good for the half marathon.

In training we have found that rice or noodle based dishes tend to work for us a fuel for our long training runs; giving us enough energy and avoiding any stomach issues. This is why we have booked an advanced dining reservation for Tokyo Dining at EPCOT for the Friday night, as many of the dishes are rice and noodle based.

We are also planning on getting some Mongolian Beef and Rice from Sunshine Seasons in EPCOT for lunch on the Saturday as we have had this before and know it to be tasty and not hard on the stomach.

Mongolian beef and rice from EPCOT! Soo good!
Mongolian beef and rice from EPCOT! Soo good!

As well as being sensible with what we eat we also need to be sensible with the amount we consume. Portion sizes in the USA are considerably bigger than they are in most places in the UK and the portions at Disney are certainly larger than we would cook at home. Therefore there is a real danger we will over eat as we have paid for the food and won’t want to waste it. We aim to get around this by sharing some meals (such as the Mongolian Beef) so we are consuming the right stuff but not too much of it!

As far as the actual race is concerned we are planning on bringing some of our usual fuel with us on holiday; clif bars and clif shots. As we are used to these now I don’t foresee any major problems and we will continue to use them during and after the race in the same way we have during training.

Any tips for fuelling on a racecation? Let us know in the comments!


9 thoughts on “Countdown to Wine and Dine: How will I cope with fuelling at Disney World?

  1. Wohoo – getting excited for you! All sounds sensible and I think taking stuff with you for during the race is very sensible indeed. We’ll do that too I think. I also like the idea of sharing meals. Makes so much sense given how insane the portion sizes are. Sounds like you’re sorted and after the race you can relax and enjoy. Just a word of warning about alcohol after the race though – we had a few drinks after our half marathon, really not a lot at all but we were hammered and the hangover was vicious. Make sure you are prperly hydrated before you start on the booze and take it easy. (Don’t mean to sound all pracher-ish. Just trying to save you the pain. Go have a drink to celebrate just be aware that your body may be more sensitive to it than usual!)

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    1. Ha yup i’ll definitely watch out – i’m not a massive drinker so i’ll probably have a celebratory drink after the race (as I think they give you a free glass of wine – who’s gonna say no to that!!!) and then just go all out on the food lol!! I’m pretty excited to try some of the Disney cocktails though during our trip – specifically the lapu lapu at the Poly which comes in a hollowed out pineapple!! If that isn’t a holiday drink I don’t know what is!

      I do think sharing meals (some – not all) is going to be sensible. As delicious as everything is I do remember some days on our last trip where I over indulged and actually had to stop for a sit down because I was so full that I couldn’t walk lol! Probably not the best idea this time (not before the race anyway ha)

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  2. Sounds like a good plan, you’ve really thought it through! I think what would affect me most stomach-wise is the time difference. Like, you’re hungry when you “shouldn’t” be. When I was back and forth to Mexico all the time I would eat Quest bars for “breakfast” and wake up hungry in the middle of the night…it was so confusing!

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  3. Hey! I’ve been following for a while but first time commenting! I ran the Wine&Dine last year and that was my first half marathon, I’m from Dublin moved to London recently. I’m actually training now for the Dopey Challenge in January so I’ve just started to blog about that!

    As for the Wine&Dine, it’s difficult with it being a night run as you have to really consider what you eat during the day. Tokyo Dining sounds like a good choice the night before and if you were running a morning race it would be the end of your fueling apart from breakfast. I do think you sound a little light for the actual day of the run though. For me personally that would not be enough food. A light counter service meal like that would be perfect if you had something a bit heavier during the day like a pasta dish or pizza or something. I guess you know your body better (and maybe you have another meal planned) and what sits well but just remember that the race itself is really late so you’d ideally be eating something around 5ish to last you right up until after midnight. I remember being really hungry and we ate more than what you are suggesting.

    BUT more importantly I LOVED the run! It was amazing and I already want to do Wine&Dine again (I’m considering next year but I’m also already signed up for Dopey, I’m definitely doing the Paris Disneyland Half AND I’m tempted by Dumbo Double Dare so I could get coast to coast and castle to chateau medals!). We had a complete wash out, it rained the entire time but it was still brilliant and I’m sure it would be even better with better weather as a lot of the entertainment was not out in the rain.

    I’ll be following along and feel free to ask any questions! I’ll be posting a race recap shortly on my new blog 🙂

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    1. Hi! Thanks so much for following and commenting 🙂 Love that Wine and Dine was your first half too – so glad you enjoyed it and you would recommend it! We are also tempted by Paris and will probably do it at some point in the future (as it’s so much closer). Definitely agree with you on the food tips – going to have a good breakfast in the morning and then the sunshine seasons for lunch between us. Then the plan is to grab something at about 5-6ish (like you said and depending on what time the buses start to pick up) from the QS place at the hotel – there looks like there are some good options (pasta, sandwiches etc) – I think we’ll see how the stomach’s feel and play it by ear as to what we have. I might take a banana or something with me to the start line to to eat like an hour before – i’m always hungry lol! Good luck with your Dopey training!! Have you done a full marathon before or will it be your first? You have my complete respect on attempting that particular challenge 🙂

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      1. Sounds like a good plan! I’ll be following along with your training… Oh ye definitely bring something to the race start you’ll surely be hungry between leaving and actually starting the run. The expo is great because you get lots of freebies like cliff bars and stuff. I haven’t run a marathon yet but we are running the Dublin Marathon next month so that’ll be our first.

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      2. Oooh freebies!! Love it!!! Good luck with Dublin (and with Dopey) Have you got a blog I can follow? (when I click your screen name it says not found)


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