Weekly training recap: Mon 7th Aug – Sun 13th Aug

Another week down. Getting closer and closer to the Wine and Dine half and starting to really feel the excitement now. I am excited about the run and I think it’s going to be an incredible experience but i’m also incredibly excited about taking another trip back to my happy place… DISNEY WORLD! We have been working towards Wine and Dine since January and whilst it has in parts seemed like a slow journey the reality is that it’s flown by and I can’t quite believe it’s now under 2 months until we go!

So apart from our epic 9.5 miles yesterday we did manage to get in 1 midweek run of the full 30 minutes for once! The legs seem to be holding up pretty well today after yesterdays long run. I was expecting my legs to feel like complete bricks when I woke up this morning and they were little stiff but nowhere near what I was expecting, and they didnt feel as bad as after our 8 mile run a few weeks back. It’s bizarre how some run’s will cause a lot of aches and pains and others seem to be fine and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it because we just came home and wen’t straight to bed yesterday – we didn’t do any walking anywhere to keep the muscles loose and we haven’t really done that much today. I think i’m just going to have to get used to the unknown when it comes to after running… some days stiff… some days fine… no way to tell what’s going to happen!


Rest day


30 minute maintenance run scheduled but pushed this back to Wednesday as we were both finishing work early and thought we could go for a nice leisurely afternoon run somewhere instead of trying to fit it in after a long day at work.


30 minute maintenance run – covered 2.58 miles in 30 minutes with an average pace of 11’38” per mile. This was a really good run – we went up to the reservoir and it was lovely and quiet with hardly anyone about. We scrapped the intervals and just ran, with a few short walk breaks when we were feeling tired. We also made a friend:

I call him Jerry!
I call him Jerry!


The 2nd maintenance run for the week should have been done either today or Friday but we thought we’d save our energy for our 9.5 miles as we both seemed to be having long tiresome weeks at work.


I (Amy) wanted to do the 30 day shred video today but I had been up early and driving around Wales for most of the day for work training people and I just felt to knackered when I got back so I skipped it. I guess it will now be 31 weeks until I complete it lol!


9.5 mile training run! I blogged on this yesterday but i’m still thrilled we managed to complete it without to much bother. We used run/walk intervals of 2 minutes running and 1 minute walking and our average pace was 12’46” per mile.

It was just beginning to get dark as we were approaching he half way point of our run! By the time we finished it was pitch black!
It was just beginning to get dark as we were approaching he half way point of our run! By the time we finished it was pitch black! (sorry its blurry – running :P)


Rest day.

Next Sunday is the Swansea 10k. Our pack’s arrived this week with our race numbers and timing chips – I haven’t really thought much about the race if i’m honest. It falls on a “rest” week in the training schedule where we are only supposed to run 3 miles as our long run. As we will be running double that we will probably only do one 30 min maintenance run again so the legs hopefully feel in good shape for Sunday.

Excited to earn another medal!
Excited to earn another medal!

Happy running everyone!


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