Encouraging Thunder Award!


A few days ago we received a lovely notification that we had been nominated for an encouraging thunder award by Slipper Strides – another newbie runner/blogger on a similar journey to ours and also aiming to complete a RunDisney event in the near future. It mean’s a great deal to us that our blog is encouraging to others as we too have received such great encouragement and motivation from reading others blogs and receiving encouragement and advice from other runners at all levels.

Thank you Slipper Strides for all your encouraging words and comments on our blog, and similarly thank you for documenting your own running journey and allowing us to encourage you!

Just as I was about to begin writing this I had notification that Liveloverunlikeaprincess had also acknowledged our blog for the encouraging thunder award!! Again, so lovely to know that our blog is encouraging others in there own running journeys. We are still so new to running but really do feel like we have been part of this wonderful running community forever! Runners (both in person and virtually) are so friendly and encouraging and it’s lovely to be a part of that.

Liveloverunlikeaprincess – thank you for sharing your running journey with us during the up’s and the down’s. Your continuing positivity even through the tough time’s is so encouraging to us! As we see you (and others) getting out there and running even when it’s difficult or been a hard week it motivates us to continue to get out and run ourselves. After all, I’ve learnt from all my blogging friends that running is a wonderful stress reliever and a great way to clear your head!

Our purpose in starting this blog was just to log our training and maybe keep our family/friends updated on how we are doing as we raise sponsorship for the Make-A-Wish foundation. It has become so much more than that, and we feel like we have become part of a lovely running/blogging virtual community which has inspired us to keep training even when it’s difficult!

I’m not going to tag anyone this time because there are just so many of you who encourage us, so I guess really I just want to say thank’s to all those running friends (including the above two lovely people) who have been so encouraging to us as we have gone from no running to training for this half marathon. The comments, the advice, the likes and general friendliness of running bloggers have kept us going on our journey in so many ways! I’m not sure we would be where we are now without all of you fellow running enthusiasts – both beginners like us and more experienced! So thank you! 


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