One more sleep until the Swansea Bay 10k!


So tomorrow is the day of the Swansea Bay 10k! This will be our 2nd ever 10k race and our first race in our home town! We are really excited to run this as it’s along our normal training route, plus several people we know are also running which will make it a fun atmosphere!

The race:

The race is an out and back route along a portion of Swansea bay. It’s a very flat course. They close the main road and runners go up the main road from the start to a turn around point then turn onto the promenade and run back down the promenade to the finish.

Course map - Swansea Bay 10k
                                         Course map – Swansea Bay 10k

It starts at 1pm which i’ve always thought is a bit of an odd time to start a race (especially one that is disrupting traffic), however the whether is looking fair for tomorrow and providing we try to fuel correctly today and tomorrow morning the start time shouldn’t have to much of a negative effect.

The views along the course are spectacular (much of which I have photographed extensively for this blog during our training runs). There is a water stop at 5k. Gideon is in two minds at the moment about taking his hand held water bottle but I will definitely be taking mine as I like having water with me to sip as and when I need it.

We drove down the main road today and all the km marker signs were up ready for tomorrow. When we do our training runs (which have now gone considerably longer than 10k) we always start about 2 miles further down the bay before the start line for the race so it’s hopefully going to feel pretty short compared to what we are used to on that route and therefore leave us feeling good.


We wan’t to go out and enjoy this race and we want to try and better our time from the Caerphilly 10k and set a new PB. We ran Caerphilly in 1hr 13 minutes and that was a hilly course so we are fairly confident that providing we are feeling good we should be able to beat this. However we are mindful that our goal race; the Wine and Dine half marathon is only a month and a half away and we do not want to injure ourselves. So whilst we will be pushing for a good time, we won’t be overdoing it!

I have been obsessively checking the weather forecast (as you do) and it’s  looking very positive at the moment, with light cloud, low wind and a mid temp of about 15 degrees. Rain is forecasted but not until the evening so hopefully it will stay dry.

I look forward to briefly recapping our experiences for you all tomorrow in our weekly race recap and then doing a proper race report later in the week. We are feeling very chilled about this race, so I just hope that continues into tomorrow and the nerves don’t show up to much! Wish us luck!


21 thoughts on “One more sleep until the Swansea Bay 10k!

    1. Hi! We did it! It was ok… not my greatest race but not terrible. We think we both PB’d… Gid defo did and mine was borderline… will know for sure when the results come out later! Off for fried chicken and a cocktail now! classy lol! Hope your loop went well this morning 🙂

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