The 11 mile struggle.


And a struggle it was… from the very start. You know it’s not going to be a great run when you are already gasping for air at the first walk interval. But it’s done, and i’m pretty pleased about that as it means I can spend the rest of the day eating guilt free nachos (my current go-to run reward)!

Yesterday I went to the doctors because i’ve had a horrible ear ache all week. Turns out it’s a little infected so the doc gave me some antibiotics and sent me on my way. However, this coupled with the fact that i’ve been away for a study school for part of this week and quite busy at work for the other part meant I have been feeling a tad run down. Running 11 miles didn’t seem like a fun thing to do but it had to be done!

So it started out horribly… there was a lot of gasping for breath, some feeling sorry for myself, a bit of huffing and puffing and many general thoughts of ‘why am I doing this/ I can’t do this/ I feel like shit/ I wish I was still in bed/ what’s the point?’ There was almost a cry but I managed to man up and get through that!

It took a lot longer to get into the swing things because of this. I’m usually feeling pretty comfortable by mile 1 or 2 but today it took until past mile 3 for me to really settle into a rhythm. At mile 3 a small dog decided to try to attack Gideon. It was pretty hilarious to be honest as it was trying to jump up a little wall from the beach onto the path. We had a good laugh at that and that cheered me up a bit and I managed the next few miles feeling a bit happier.

The run took us right to the very end of the bay up to mumbles pier which is as far as you can go. Next time we’ll have to tag some extra on somewhere else. Not really sure how we are going to do that yet, we will probably need to run around the marina as well as up the promenade either at the beginning or end of the run, but that’s a problem that doesn’t need dwelling on today!

We turned around and began our journey back. I still wasn’t feeling too bad and thankfully the ear ache had decided to lay off a bit today which was good. At about mile 8 the legs just died. I have never really had bad stiff or achy legs whilst running, that usually comes after we stop, but oh my gosh they hurt today. It was effort to put one leg in front of the other right through until the end even in the walking sections. I felt so stiff! I’m hoping this will mean my legs won’t ache for the next few days…. but considering the time it took me to walk up the stairs when we got home I can’t see that being the case!!!

Anyway, 2hrs and 23mins after we started we were done. 11 miles accomplished… and despite the horribleness of the last few miles I still feel like I probably could have hobbled on for another 2 if needed, which is reassuring for the half marathon!

Oh, and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. Beautiful blue skies but not to hot temperatures and a lovely breeze. Just perfect really. Shame I couldn’t really appreciate it at the time… but I shall certainly enjoy it for the rest of the day (along with my nachos)!


7 thoughts on “The 11 mile struggle.

    1. Yes good idea, hoping they’ll last me until after the Wine and Dine and then i’ll get some when i’m in the USA (a bit cheaper cause of the exchanger rate).

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  1. You did it – and from my experience you can definitely do another 2.1 miles even if you feel completely broken at 11 miles! And you won’t be broken because you’ll have the additional training under your belt and there will be fairy dust!

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