Weekly training recap: Mon 21st – Sun 27th Sept

So after last weekends 10k race a total of 0 miles were run until this weekends 11 mile training run. I know I know –  it’s naughty to miss out the mid week runs, and is probably why are legs are so stiff today, but a combination of work, travel and illness has just meant we didn’t get any mid weeks in this week. We are really going to try to work on this in the next few weeks leading up to the wine and dine half as the mid week run’s really are helpful to us – we just need to find a time and stick to it.


Rest day


Missed today’s mid week run as I was away on a university study school for my masters course.


Rest day


Missed this maintenance run as had been feeling under the weather with quite a nasty earache. Turns out it’s infected so have got some antibiotics for it now and am starting to feel much better.


Rest day


Ran 11 miles using run/walk intervals of 2 minutes running 1 minute walking. Average pace 12’59” per mile.


3 mile walk (to & from the ice cream parlour lol)

Beautiful day for an ice-cream!
Beautiful day for an ice-cream!

So next week is a “rest” week with only 3 miles to run at the weekend. We plan to do all our scheduled run’s this week (she says) and as we are away in Devon at the weekend we are hoping to fit in our 3 miles somewhere down there which should be nice and scenic!

Have a lovely week everyone 🙂


4 thoughts on “Weekly training recap: Mon 21st – Sun 27th Sept

    1. Verdis! Did you ever go there? It’s right at the very end of mumbles just before you get to the pier. I don’t mind joe’s but I lovelovelove the ice cream at verdis… can’t beat the honeycomb!


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