So my ear’s have been infected for the last week and a bit, and whilst they now finally seem to be on the mend, today my throat has been feeling rather scratchy instead. And this has got me worrying…. what if I GET SICK!! I know there is still 38 days to go till the half marathon, but that’s 38 days of key training which needs to be accomplished! I can’t get sick right now. Getting sick is not an option! And so i’ve started to slightly obsess over germs and how can I stop them. What can I do to make sure I don’t end up with a cold (or worse THE FLU) for the race?!? And what if I pick something up on the plane out to Florida…. this might be a time where obsessive use of antibacterial hand gel is warranted (thankfully they come in plane sized bottles)!!!


So todays sore throat has ended in me buying large amounts of fruit and orange juice and horrible herbal tea’s with lemon in that are bound to taste vile but which google says might prevent a cold from taking hold (ahh google). And i’ve even tried to de- crystallise the pot of honey in the back of the cupboard using a bowl of hot water so I can eat a spoonful to soothe my sore throat!

And then I remember that my only winter coat lost half its buttons last year and that I should probably fix that NOW before it get’s cold so that I have something warm to wear to stop me from catching a chill! And then I think that it’s probably time to replace my toothbrush because of all the EVIL BACTERIA it might be harbouring!!!!!!

And then I realise that i’m starting to get a bit ridiculous and that if I stop obsessing over my (slightly) sore throat and the fact that it may turn into something worse I actually hardly even notice its hurting! It really is all in the mind sometimes!

Do you freak out a bit if you have a race due and you start to feel a bit under the weather…. what are your ways of coping? Would love to hear in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Germs.

  1. What you have is called Maranoia! It’s a paranoia that you’ll get ill or injured before a big race (marathon+paranoia) Do all that you need to do not to get ill. I can’t guarantee it’ll work but it will make you feel better knowing you are doing something pro active 🙂 Good luck x

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  2. I always try to think long the lines of ‘Cold? Flu? Broken leg? I’ll simply run that off’. On a slightly more serious note, I take multivitamins everyday and since I started doing so (well over 18 months) I’ve not had a single illness of note, including colds.

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  3. Oh lord I hope you don’t get sick! Or injured! I was amazed at my marathon this spring. The race was on a Monday, and on Sunday SO many runners that were staying in the same hotel as me went out for runs. I know they were running to calm their nerves, but all I could think of when I saw them was ‘what if the fall off a curb, twist their ankle, and can’t race…after all this training??

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    1. It is petrifying isn’t it! I think not over thinking it will be best though – if I worry to much i’ll probably somehow increase the likelihood of it happening!

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  4. Ugh I know! You are definitely not alone! I always seem to get sick whenever something fun or important is happening! I usually start taking echinacea and vitamin C along with my muti-vitamin right around race day.


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