Weekly training recap: Mon 28th Sept – Sun 4th Oct

So the good news is that we did manage to get in 3 run’s this week as per the schedule… the bad news is that none of them were the length that they should have been as per the schedule!! Gideon has been having a bit of pain in his knee since our last long run last weekend and so whilst we have been out running this week, we have kept the run’s very short and very sweet so as not to put to much pressure on his knee’s and potentially make it worse. It’s worrying him that it hasn’t gone away yet (as a normal post-run leg ache would) so we are just being cautious, whilst still trying to maintain some sort of running momentum at the same time. Paranoia about pre-race injury is worrying us at the moment.

This weekend we have been in Teignmouth in Devon celebrating my mum’s birthday (hi Mum)! We managed to get in a couple of our run’s whilst down there which was very nice as it’s always good to run someplace new and see some new things. We ran along the seafront a few times (which unfortunately isn’t all that long so didn’t really give us many miles) but we took it easy because of the knee issue and the injury paranoia which was further exacerbated by the ‘slipperiness’ of the path along the sea front…. we are such worriers sometimes!!!

Next weekend is a 12.5 mile run – our penultimate long run before the half marathon. Can’t believe we leave for Florida NEXT MONTH!! That’s very exciting to say!! It’s come round so quickly. Only 32 more sleeps till we are on the plane and 34 until we are running the half!


Rest day


Rest day


Ran 1.54 miles with an average pace of 11’07” per mile.


Rest day


Ran 1.33 miles in Teignmouth – I’m not really sure what the average pace was because we stopped a few times so Gid could stretch out his knee. It was bothering him quite a lot today – we were planning on going further, but better to be safe than sorry.

This was the sunset view after our run from the holiday let we stayed in!
This was the sunset view after our run from the holiday let we stayed in!


Lot’s of walking around Teignmouth and Shaldon – not sure how far but it was very pretty!

IMG_3001 IMG_2999 IMG_2991


Ran 1.25 miles with an average pace of 11″56′ per mile.


The plan is to try to do our 2 mid-week run’s this week (30 minutes each) and go as far as we can. If Gid’s knee is still playing up we may have to cut the mileage down from 12.5 at the weekend to something more manageable, otherwise we will attempt the 12.5 that are scheduled. Fingers crossed the knee just needs a bit more rest and ice!

We are running the Wine and Dine half marathon at Walt Disney World in aid of Make-A-Wish UK. If you would like to sponsor us, please visit our justgiving page!


6 thoughts on “Weekly training recap: Mon 28th Sept – Sun 4th Oct

  1. Short run better than no run! Where’s the pain the knee? I’ve had many knee issues so I know plenty of remedies. In general knee pain in men typically mean the issue is with their ankles. Women is reverse. Knee issues mean weak hips. So so some calf raises and things that will strengthen the ankle and hip strengthening won’t hurt either, part of the core and strong core means better running.

    Outside of the knee mean it is IT Band. Which is a band on the outside of the thigh. If that’s the area ice the whole band and foam roll (or use a rolling pin if you don’t have a foam roller) to massage and loosen the band. Below the knee you can ice that area. Above the knee I don’t know much about but stretching is good. Go down on one knee. The knee that hurt should be the one on the ground. Then pull foot back towards the bum. Grab it with you hand if you can to help deepen the stretch. This can hurt alot so don’t worry if can’t get foot off the ground much.

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    1. Aww awesome thanks will try a few of those things. Going to buy a foam roller and see if that helps – have been putting it off until now but might be worth it now we are doing higher mileage. It’s kind of to the side of the knee cap and then round the back…. very bizarre…. My knee’s were hurting in the same areas for a few days after the run last weekend but they went away like normal aching legs do, his have stayed though which is frustrating. hopefully something will sort it out 🙂

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      1. Around the back of the knee? Hmm don’t know that one! Definitely focus on stretching and yeah foam roll. It will hurt! But it’ll help alot if you stick to it and after a couple weeks everything will be nice and loose again so it won’t hurt anymore 🙂

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  2. Taking it easy is definitly the right thing to do! The reality is that you have done plenty of training for the hald marathon. Even if you don’t do another long run, you’ll still be fine. It’s better to cut the miles now and get to the start injury free than to push on regardless and make the pain worse! It’s all about getting to the start line in one piece now!


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