Bucket list races!

So with the Wine and Dine half marathon only a month away (a month tomorrow – yikes) i’ve sort of been thinking about the future and what will happen after the run is over.

We have worked so hard and stuck at this running malarky all year. Personally i’ve come further than I thought I would and actually feel like 13.1 is a more than achievable distance! It would be a real shame if after race day I just threw in the towel and stopped running. I have built up such a great fitness base and a level of endurance I didn’t think i’d ever have. The last thing I want to do is let that go.

We are already signed up for the IAAF World half marathon race next easter in Cardiff so training for that should theoretically get us through the winter at least, but then what? Knowing me i’m not sure i’ll want to run unless i’ve got a race somewhere on the horizon to work towards, so i’ve been thinking about some ‘bucket list’ races; races i’d really really like to cross off at some point in the future. Here are a few that i’ve found so far:

Swansea Half Marathon:

Ahh our home half marathon! It’s only been going for 2 years and I must admit that I did get a little jealous of some of my friends who ran this year – however I know I was nowhere near ready at that time. It’s usually around June and is basically just a long version of the 10k we ran a few weeks ago (it’s also where we do all our training – so we’ve basically done most of the route already) I think I could cross this one of my list next year as long as the 2 half marathon’s we have before it don’t turn out to be horrific “never-running-a-half-marathon-ever-again” experiences!

The London Marathon:

Ohh boy… a marathon has managed to work it’s way onto my bucket list! How on earth did that get there? Well actually, it’s sort of been a pipe dream bucket list item forever, only now I think I could actually probably do it! I always used to watch the marathon on the TV growing up and loved all the fun runners in their costumes, and i’d really like it if one of my far fetched childhood dreams actually did come true (something tells me climbing mount everest isn’t quite going to happen)! I didn’t enter the ballot this year (I wasn’t quite as confident I could do it back then) so theres no chance of me running next year (nor would I want to) but ticking this off would be a great thing to do before I turn 30 (giving myself 3.5 years – phew).

Disneyland Paris Half Marathon:

We all know i’m a disney fan (see blog name if you are in any way unconvinced). I’d run every run disney race in Florida and California if I could, but it’s not cheap to fly over from the UK and stay in Disney. We already have another Disney World holiday in the pipeline for 2017 for Gideon’s 30th birthday (it’s a whole family thing) but it’s not likely going to coincide with a race weekend. Disneyland Paris on the other hand… that’s much cheaper to get to from the UK and would still hopefully hold some disney magic! I’ve only visited Disneyland Paris once when I was on a school trip so i’d quite like to go back… maybe followed by a few days in Paris and then some time on the beach in the South of France…. ahh a girl can dream!

Rock and Roll Vancouver Half Marathon:

I just really want to go to Canada to be honest! I’d be quite up for doing any of the rock and roll series events. I think Vegas is the most popular, but i’d also quite like the idea of going to New Orleans. There is actually one in Liverpool which is obviously much closer to home! May have to give that a try one year and see if they are any good!

Great North Run:

Another big and iconic UK race; I think the great north run would be quite a fun one to attempt. I’ve never been to Newcastle so it might be a nice way to see it!

There’s also plenty of 5k’s and 10k’s in our area which i’m sure can keep me busy in between bigger races, plus Swansea is finally getting a parkrun this month so I can use that as motivation to keep on running when there may not be any obvious reasons to train for anything! Overall I see no reason why running shouldn’t continue to be a part of my life. It’s a cheap, low maintenance (ish) way of keeping fit and healthy and is a great mood improver! I hope at some point I will be able to keep running just for runnings sake rather than having anything to work towards but for now i’m happy to try and tick a few off the old bucket list!


13 thoughts on “Bucket list races!

  1. I hear the wine and dine is so much fun!!! also look into package deals with disney. obviously i know it is more expensive coming from the UK, but i got a super cheap flight to london on priceline…who i always go through. and they usually offer room/food/park discounts to runners!

    also, london is a bucket list goal of mine as well! one of these days….

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  2. Definitly agree on the need for a race to keep me motivated – even if it is off in the distance somewhere! I entered the London ballot and didn’t get in. We’ll likely try again next year or perhaps see about getting a charity place. The Great North Run is also on my list. I signed up to email alerts to get a reminder when you can enter the ballot – think it is early 2016. I’d also really like to do the race you’re doing – except that falls in term time for me so isn’t likely – the same is true for the starwars ones. I also really really like the look of the Toronto Half Marathon (Love Toronto, never been to Vancouver but why not!). Closer to home I think I’d like to run the UK capital cities and do London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast and then throw in Dublin, Paris(Disney would work) and Berlin for good measure. Hamburg also looks cool. Best start saving!

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  3. I can highly recommend Vancouver…we ran the inaugural RnR Vancouver and had a fabulous weekend. We absolutely loved our time and extended our stay as we were enjoying our trip so much! We’re lucky though it’s only about a 2 hour drive! Agree on the need for target races…I’m going to try to run a marathon in every state so we have plenty on our “to do” list!

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  4. Yay Canada! (I’m Canadian 😄) Vancouver has tons of halves and fulls to pick from. I want to do a rock n roll half too! Almost considered doing the Montreal one this year since it’s closest to me. I definitely feel same way about always needing a goal. Small local races help alot with that to fill the gaps between the big goals.

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