Funky Town!


Thats right folks, I purchased myself some funky running tights!! In hindsight, I think I might of lost my mind a little. I mean seriously….they are HILARIOUS! It took me a good 10 minutes after putting them on for my run this evening to leave the house on account of fear of looking ridiculous! I’m pretty sure I did look ridiculous… but then again by the time anyone I run by thinks ‘what the heck is she wearing?!?!?!?’ i’ll be long gone!!!!

Anyway the crazy tights must be doing something right because tonights run felt fantastic! We only did a little distance on account of Gid’s niggling knee issue but man did we fly!!! My nike+ app said my average pace was 11’01” after the first mile…. that’s actually kinda frustrating as it was so close to being in the 10’s but still, that is speedy for me!!!

Besides the vibes of awesomeness coming from my funky tights (which obviously make me go faster….OBVIOUSLY) I think this lovely cool weather we are having probably has a lot to do with it. It’s so nice to run when it isn’t boiling hot and humid – not that I really have anything to complain about when it comes to humidity, I mean we live in Wales – it’s not exactly known for its scorching hot summers – but favourable weather really does make a difference… well, that and funky tights!


3 thoughts on “Funky Town!

  1. I’m loving the funky tights. every time I go shopping for running clothes I pick some bright colourful pair up but always put them back and stick to black lol (hides the wobbly thighs better) but may surprise myself and actually get some.

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