weekly training recap (if you can call it that) Mon 5th Oct – Sun 11th Oct


Yes… that is my foot with an ice pack wrapped round it! Ugh….

How can one run be really really good and then the next one hardly even get off the ground? Running is infuriating sometimes!

So the story of the ice pack starts yesterday sometime… I can’t even really remember how or what happened now but I got up somehow from doing whatever I was doing… I think I may have been doing some cleaning and I landed awkwardly on my foot and a little shooting pain shot across the top of my foot. I thought ah crap I must have twisted it funny but it wasn’t massively painful just a bit twingy so I sat down and we watched the rugby and then a movie and there wasn’t any more pain so I really thought no more of it.

Then this morning we pottered about, not walking very far or very fast and  I didn’t give it a moments thought cause there were no problems, it didn’t hurt in the slightest. So after letting our lunch go down we laced up to do the 12 mile long run which we should have done yesterday (but didn’t in the end because Gideon had been ill all night and didn’t get much sleep so we slept in). We had decided that because Gideon’s knee has been playing up for the last few weeks that we would do an extra long walking warm up today to try and really warm the muscles before we started the long run. Well we had probably been walking for 10 minutes when I stepped and this horrific shooting pain shot right across my foot (in the same place as yesterday) and caused me to actually pull up and yelp! I WASN’T EVEN RUNNING – WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!?!?!

I readjusted the shoes and we carried on walking but it was still twinging a little. I wanted to give the running a try to see if it would still hurt so we set off on our first run interval and Gideon had to pull up this time because his knee was hurting. We tried a couple more but between the intermittent shooting pain in my foot (which seemed to be worse on the walk breaks then when actually running – what is up with that?!?!?) and Gid’s hurting knee there wasn’t really much hope for us to do 2 miles let alone 12. Ugh! just ugh! It is beyond frustrating.

We sat on a bench for a grumpy 10 minutes before admitting defeat. We are now at home and i’m icing the foot then Gid will be icing the knee and there will be sulking and much youtubing of Disney World video’s to try to put us in a better mood.

Its frustrating that this is happening now – only 4 weeks away from the half marathon, but at the same time – it’s happening now. There are 4 weeks until the half marathon – there is time to rest and be ok come race day (I hope) even if we don’t manage to do another long run until the half marathon because of this, if we rest and look after ourselves and don’t make it worse we should still be able to run it. We are doing this half marathon if we have to hobble across the finish line, but as we would rather not hobble we will rest now and hope that it fixes the problems.

We think that for Gideon his shoes might be part of the problem, so we are off to the running store next weekend to get him a proper gait analysis done and hopefully find him a pair of shoes that support his feet and legs more (his last pair were asics but we got them online so we don’t really know if they are helping his running form). We are going to attempt to revise the next 4 weeks of the training plan slightly – providing we are feeling ok to run. We want to be ok on race day –  that’s the most important thing – even if it means we are slower than we would like to be.

Next week we will try to run twice in the week (short distances) then do a 10k at the weekend if we can. The week after we will try to run twice in the week again and then do the 12 miles we couldn’t do this week. It mean’s we won’t actually run the half marathon distance before the half marathon but thats ok. We have gone 11.5 and we felt like we could have gone for the extra 1.6 miles after that if we needed to, so i’m sure if we can go 12 we can go the extra 1.1 miles come race day. We’ll then taper after that week, doing the maintenance run’s in the week and then a 5k the weekend before the race. Then in the week leading up to the race we’ll try to do 1 maintenance run before we fly to Florida and potentially one when we are there if we can. We will play that last one by ear.

Hopefully some form of this will see us through to race day in good shape. We might miss one run, we might miss several, it’s going to depend entirely on how we feel. As long as we get across that finish line – that’s all that matters.


12 thoughts on “weekly training recap (if you can call it that) Mon 5th Oct – Sun 11th Oct

  1. Aaargh how frustrating! Ok here’s what I think – don’t try the 12 miles! You can go the distance. You know this. I would go for your weekly 30 mins as normal and then do 6 miles at the weekend for the next two weeks and then taper with whatever your programme says . It’s more important to have positive runs now and build up the mental strength! You’ve successfully done 11.5 miles. Kath and I did our 1/2 marathon 3 years ago never having run more than 6 miles! Not ideal but we got round and you guys are way better prepared! If you can get to the start line relatively injury free you’ve got this in the bag! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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    1. Mmmm yup I see what you mean, i’m just worried that if we don’t get in another long long run I won’t feel ‘mentally’ ready as it will be so long since we have done one etc! Sounds silly I know. Anyway we’ll play it by ear and see how everything feels 🙂


      1. I know what you mean – if you want to try another long one I’d do that sooner rather than later I think. I think having positive runs of whatever length will be good for the mental side of things!

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  2. Bad luck. As you said, you’ve got plenty of time to rest and heal up between now and the race. When I was in the last few weeks before my last marathon, I was almost praying that I caught a cold 4 weeks out because it minimised the chances of picking one up during race week!

    If you’re thinking of changing Gideon’s shoes out for another pair, make sure he breaks them in properly before race day. A mixture of casual use (wear them to the supermarket etc) and in training will do the trick. Nothing like a fresh pair of running shoes to fill you with confidence!

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    1. Yup will try to get some in the next week if we are gonna do it – then he’ll have a few weeks to wear them in properly 🙂


  3. Yikes! You should get that foot looked at! Hope the shoes help him and you guys are back at it soon! Icing body parts means you’re true runners now 😉

    Do not worry about the long runs. You definitely don’t need to go over the half distance! I feel what you mean wanting to mentally, I wanted the same thing too but was told by multiple people not to and I just couldn’t understanding. Most people stop at 16k (sorry my km to mile brain conversions get fuzzy after 10k/6mi), I so get going long though as I did 19k for my last one. And I know it can sound ridiculous to not going the full distance or beyond it but it’s absolutely true. Race day with all the people there and the adrenaline of doing what you’re about to do it doesn’t compare at all. You’ll do it, you’ll do it well, you’ll do it faster too. Time wise you’re probably looking at how long it took you to do 11.5 which is really what the long runs are about. Time on your feet. So you did it! 2 weeks out try for another 10-11 but cut it short if you need to. From there on out the only important thing is making sure you get to the start line healthy. You guys are ready!

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    1. Aww thanks, I’m sure you are right – I think it is just such a mental thing at the moment. I’m hoping my foot will be ok – it hasn’t hurt today at all but I haven’t ran in it and have only really walked around work. I’ll give it a couple more days I think before I try it just to make sure. Hoping I just twisted it a bit and it’ll be fine without having to see anyone!

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