G is for…

So we did a little 1.5miler today without any foot pain for me and not too much knee pain for Gid. So that’s reassuring. Still going to take it easy – especially until we can get Gid some new shoes and see if they help.

In other news, the waivers for the RunDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon got released yesterday, which meant we were able to look up our bib numbers and work out which Corral we will be starting in. Turns out we will be in Corral G, which i’ve decided could stand for any of these things….

Get your arse running

Go get that medal

Get on with it

Get running to the finish line

and my personal favourite…..

Get round the course quickly so that you can have wine!!


In all seriousness though – there are lots of Corral’s for a Disney Race (as they are big races) and we are somewhere in the middle of the pack which is reassuring. It means we have a little bit of a cushion from the sweepers at the back of the course, and the nice thing about Corral’s is that because it’s based on estimated finishing time we should be running with people of a similar pace to us on the course which should ease congestion and prevent lots of having to weave in and out of people (for us – and for those faster than us).

Looking forward to getting out there now! Not long to go!

We are running the Wine and Dine half marathon at Walt Disney World to raise money for Make-A-Wish UK. If you would like to sponsor us you can do so via just giving by clicking here! 


8 thoughts on “G is for…

      1. Yes last year was my first half marathon! And this one will be my second. Unfortunately last year it rained for almost the entire race 😦 My best friend and I ran it and were already nervous being our first half, but we still managed to pull through! Once we got going I got used to the rain, was thankful for the poncho! Running through the parks was amazing! Especially the Osbourne Lights! They come at the perfect time, I think it was around mile 9ish. We were starting to feel the distance and that gave us the much needed adrenaline to get through the rest!

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  1. OH how exciting! I remember getting mine last year and I was super excited! Don’t stress too much about the injuries it happens and just make sure you give yourself enough recovery time, that’s very important. Also have you thought about physio? I had an injury last year around Wine&Dine that I thought was my knee and turned out to be a very tight muscle in my leg.


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