Another cold….

I’ve been struck down with another cold for the last few days which means I haven’t been able to get my long run in yet and it’s not looking like it’s going to happen :(. I probably should have seen this coming because I always catch every cold around at this time of year! Damn you changing weather!! Finally succumbed and put the heating on yesterday… plus we have a friend staying so I could use that as a nice excuse to make the house all cosy.

Gideon got up and ran 5k this morning but I stayed in bed cause I was still feeling naff. We then went on a little road trip to Cardiff so that he could go to the running shop and get a proper gait analysis done and get some new shoes that hopefully will help ease the knee ache he’s been having.

He ended up purchasing some Brooks Vapour 2’s – when he told the saleswomen that he’d been having some aching and pain across the back of the knee’s she immediately thought she knew what was wrong and his run ‘demonstration’ confirmed it. When Gideon run’s his feet roll inwards slightly so he needs shoes which will stabilise this with lots of inner arch support. She brought out several pairs for him to try but the brooks seemed the best!

Gideon's new brooks!
Gideon’s new brooks!

Fingers crossed the Brooks will solve Gideon’s knee issues!

As for my cold… hopefully I won’t pass it on to Gideon, but I can’t promise anything! It’s not gone to my chest, it’s just stuffing up my whole head, so I may try a short run tomorrow morning if i’m feeling up to it. I know the rest is for the best because I don’t want it to still be hanging around for the half marathon but it’s so frustrating! I really really want to run! I never thought i’d say that! But I WANT to be out there running. Not training feels so unsettling this close to the race. I feel like I need to get out there and do something so fingers crossed that i’ll be able to tomorrow!


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