Weekly training recap: Mon 12th Oct – Sun 18th Oct

So I didn’t manage to make it out to run today, but I am finally feeling a lot better! Hopefully i’ll manage to go a couple of weeks without picking something else up now – 25 illness free days would be great please,  because then we’ll be back from Florida and will (fingers crossed) have completed our half marathon!

The week hasn’t been a total bust. Gideon’s managed to get some running in and we have had a friend staying which has meant we’ve been out walking and sight seeing quite a bit. Considering the horrible cold i’ve managed to power through with daily living…just not with extra exertion!!


Rest day


Ran 1.71 miles with an average pace of 11’38” per mile. No foot pain which i’m VERY glad of. Hoping that’s the end of my foot related pain for the foreseeable future.

A dusk run... soon most run's will be dark runs!
A dusk run… soon most run’s will be dark runs!


Rest day


Start of my cold. So didn’t do the run we had planned 😦


Walked round Penllergare woods – probably a couple of miles but I wasn’t keeping track.

Waterfall at the woods!!
Waterfall at the woods!!
Love crunching through all the fallen leaves in autumn!
Love crunching through all the fallen leaves in autumn!


Gideon ran 5k with an average pace of 9’41” per mile. He’s so speedy! I’m definitely slowing him down – after this Disney race i’ll let him run anymore races by himself but we are looking forward to running the Wine and Dine half together and sharing the experience 🙂

No running for me as still feeling horribly full of a cold, but we did do a fair bit of walking around Cardiff city centre. Probably another 2-3 miles. We also went for an evening walk around the marina in Swansea which was also probably a couple of miles.


Short walk around the mumbles.

My plan for this week is to run around the neighbourhood tomorrow once I finish work and see how i’m feeling. Hopefully my chest will be clear. I’m looking forward to getting back to it! Then we’ll try to do our maintenance run’s on Tuesday and Thursday and do a long run at the weekend of 8-12 miles. That will be our last long run before the half which is scary! Here’s hoping we can get it all done this week so that I start to feel slightly more confident about everything again. I know I can do it – but when you haven’t done any long run’s for three weeks because of various injuries and illnesses and it’s suddenly this close to race day it does knock your confidence a bit. Hopefully this week we can build some back up and go back to feeling more excited than worried!

On Nov 7th 2015 we are running the Wine and Dine half marathon at Walt Disney World, Florida in aid of Make-A-Wish UK. If you would like to sponsor us you can do so here. No amount is too small, and all will go to a very worthy cause which you can read more about here. 


4 thoughts on “Weekly training recap: Mon 12th Oct – Sun 18th Oct

  1. Sounds like you needed that rest! I just had 2 days off actually, was feeling super fluey. Woke up this morning still not feeling great but my muscles were all achey from being sick and in bed so I used that as an excuse to go for a quick few miles 😛 Sounds like it hasn’t been a wasted time tho!

    Also I’m so jealous of that waterfall- great scenery can really make a run!

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