All week i’ve had the ridiculous Nick Jonas song – levels in my head! It was finally just about gone when I read a blog post from Kellie at Will Run For Ears where she details her goals for the upcoming marine corps marathon she’s running on Sunday. Kellie set them out as levels; level A, level B, level C etc and then BAM just like that Nick Jonas is back in my head!

In all seriousness though – I really like the level’s idea for setting goals. So i’ve come up with a few of my own goals for the Wine and Dine half marathon. If you want to read Will Run For Ear’s (much better) description of the levels you can do so here – but basically your level A goal is a ‘probably-slightly-more-unrealistic-would-be-a-miracle-if-this-happened’ type goal. Your level B goal is a ‘more-realistic-but-still-something-to-be-incredibly-proud-of-goal’ and then your level C goal is your ‘fallback-goal-which-should-be-achievable-but-you-still-never-know-in-a-race-goal’.

So without further ado… here are my level goals for the Wine and Dine half marathon:-

Level C – Finish the race!

So this is my fallback goal, which barring some massive disaster should be achievable (but as I said earlier you never know what will happen on race day so i’ll still consider it a WIN if it happens). I’d like to not get swept off the course.. or get injured.. or have to pull out for any reason. I’d like to cross that finish line, give Mickey Mouse a big high 5 and generally feel awesome (whilst probably also feeling like i’m going to die) about the fact that I just ran 13.1 miles!

Level B – Finish the race in under 3 hours!

This has always been my goal – and i’m fairly confident we should be able to do it as our training pace would bring us in under 3 hours – but as it’s a different country, with a different climate and I might be jet lagged etc, then i’ll consider this my level B goal.

Level A – Finish in less than 2 and a half hours.

This is my unrealistic goal… it would be pretty incredible if this happened, but you never know what the adrenaline will bring! In reality i’m expecting us to finish in around 2 hours 45 minutes so this would be quite a bit faster than that, but a girl can dream… and we will be in Disney where magic happens! (Ha.. so cheesy!!!)

So those are my levels! Only another 16 days to wait till we try and hit them!


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