Taper Crazies…

I’ve probably been taking a little to much advantage of the apparent ‘taper time’ this week – by not running AT ALL. Ugh I know, your supposed to reduce the amount of running, not cut it out all together but this week has just been ridiculously ridiculous!

I’m studying part time for a masters at the moment and of course just to spite me the essay deadlines would be 3 days after we get back from Florida, and there would be MULTIPLE ESSAYS DUE ON THAT DAY! I guess it serves me right really for scheduling my first half marathon/holiday right in the middle of November but two on the same day?!? that’s just mean! So naturally, i’m more stressed out than normal about these two essays as I want them done and submitted before we go, which means less time than normal. They also happen to be two of the most annoying I have EVER WRITTEN, with one standing way above the word count and having to be cut down and the other way below the word count with nothing else to say. I wish I could transfer word allowances from one essay to the other… meh…. but anyway, these are student problems, not runner problems and therefore not really what this blog is for!!

I know running is supposed to reduce your stress, but when I’m stressed it takes all my effort to shove myself out the door and it just hasn’t happened yet this week. Add to that the fact that both myself and Gid are getting a little paranoid….. about everything!

Checklist curtesy of www.runnerindenial.com
Checklist curtesy of www.runnerindenial.com

I stumbled upon this wonderful checklist which pretty much sums us up right now. At least 5 of these are currently true. Gideon legs are constantly ‘aching’ but it’s just because he’s freaked out he’s going to be injured! I’m living in constant fear of the sniffles, heightened by the fact that we have to take a 9.5 hour plane journey to get to our half marathon. That’s 9.5 hours of recycled aeroplane air….. THINK OF THE GERMS!

I’m sleepy all day… yet i’m wide awake at night with countless half marathon scenarios swimming around in my brain (most of which involve some kind of GERM sabotage). I wake up at 5am with my stomach growling for food.. despite the fact that i’ve eaten more than the average amount of chocolate this week and haven’t run any of it off. It’s just insane.

The other thing is the DARK. The clocks have changed, it’s dark when we get home from work. There is the fear that we may trip over something we can’t see and injure ourselves. Gid is especially worried about this… but then again he trips over his own feet quite frequently so I guess his worry is slightly more justified than mine.

To get to the crazy point… I cannot WAIT for next Saturday to roll around so that I can actually run the race and go back to being less of a crazy paranoid mess! Until then, I think I shall live in a bubble.


4 thoughts on “Taper Crazies…

  1. Ok that essay that has way too many words – cut out any unnecessary adjectives, that should help a little. Then put the question at the top of every page and go through each paragraph. Talk to each paragraph (yes I am a compelte lunatic) and ask it to justify its exisitence. If the answer doesn’t convince you the paragraph needs to go!
    As for the essay with not enough words – you may be taking something for granted or making an assumption that you need to spell out. Think about whether someone who does not know anything about what you are studying but is reasonably intelligent could follow the logic of your argument – there can’t be any jumps in logic or gaps. Essays should be like well planned journeys with each section having a particular purpose that links both to the section before and the section after logically and seamlessly (I’m talking ideal here – nobody achieves that all of the time!)

    I would suggest thinking about the question where you are struggling for words, get the question lodged in your head and take it for a little run. It may all become clear!
    Hope that helps – can’t help with the taper madness – gonna hit me as well I am sure and OMG the germs on the flight. Basically we’re all f*cked

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    1. Thanks Jess – getting there slowly, hoping that i’ll have them done by Wednesday. I think i’m over stressing because I know i’ve got less time than I could have if that makes sense! Haven’t even been able to get all excited about Disney really… i’m usually ridiculously excited this close to a trip but I have just got to much else to think about! Going to start packing tomorrow.. hopefully that will bring the excitement back 🙂

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  2. Haha I get the Omg I’m getting sick paranoia too. Leading up to my last race I drank my weight in orange juice every day for like a week and a half. I kept running in to sick people and also spent time on airplanes. You’ll calm down soon 😉

    Good luck in your papers!!

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